Can somebody, anybody explain to me how an entire airplane goes missing?

I think it’s pretty easy to pinpoint why so many people are afraid of flying.

Plane crashes are extremely rare, but every several months there’s going to be something scary that we hear about. Whether it’s a near miss like a plane having to emergency land in a body of water, a story of a crazed person having to be escorted off of an airplane, or worst case scenario, a full-on plane crash with no survivors.

Being in a plane that’s about to crash-land is an absolutely unimaginable situation. You just can’t. Being stuck in a metal tube with 200 strangers, shouting their lungs out, and all the while seconds from your death as your plane is descending at more than 100 miles per hour.


Just the mere thought of it is enough to make some people avoid flying altogether.

Malaysia planeI honestly don’t know many people who genuinely love flying. At best, most people tolerate flying, but still have a general uneasiness while in an air craft. And that’s pretty much how I feel. I’ll do it, but I’ll take a deep sigh of relief once we touch ground.

And then a story comes around that just scares the ever loving shit out of you and makes you so frightened that you never even want to even be within a mile of an airport ever again. Like a plane vanishing.


As in, like, just disappears into thin air. Without a trace. Gone.

Despite assistance by ships and air crafts from several countries, including the United States, there has not been a lick of evidence to locate Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which took off from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia after midnight on Saturday for Beijing, and fell off radar maps after about an hour, despite being in perfect weather and its pilots not even offering a distress call.

Media speculation of its whereabouts has run rampant, from crashing to terrorism to pilot suicide, but right now we have nothing. There were 227 passengers (three American) on the flight plus 12 crew members, and in a bizarre twist, it was discovered that two of the passengers boarded the plane with stolen passports, which is only fueling the terrorism angle.

It just blows my mind that 40 ships and 34 air crafts from 10 countries — according to the Washington Post — are searching for this plane, in the exact route in which the plane was supposed to be — and can’t find it. The focus of the entire world is directed towards this, and yet, not a single piece of metal from this giant machine has been found. It’s mind-blowing. It really is.

Obviously this is a horrible situation. But it’s also extremely fascinating. Its been almost three days and nobody still has any idea what happened. Which means that, at this precise moment, every possible scenario is still on the table, which could also include supernatural alternatives for all of you crazy conspiracy theorists out there.

The whole thing honestly sounds like a bad trailer to a new TV show or a movie. It starts out with “One hour after takeoff, Flight MH370 from Malaysia was reported as missing. The plane was never found…” and then you change the channel because it’s so absurd and unrealistic that you don’t even want to bother wasting your time with it.

Which I guess makes it all the more impressive that Lost was successful TV show.

It’s human nature to hope for the best, but I just don’t think there are many people in the world who think that this is going to end well.

One has to believe that any minute now, this plane is going to be discovered. But for every minute that it isn’t, this story is only going to become more unusual, and the theories are only going to become more far-fetched.

Until then, I will eagerly sit and wait, and wonder how the fuck this happened.

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