Will Google Glass by virtue make people with normal eyeglasses more attractive?

People with eyeglasses have faced an internal struggle their entire life: the need to see versus the need to look good.

Both are important. Seeing goes without saying. But looking good also matters too — everybody wants to be noticed, and it’s a significant boost to our self-esteem when some one tells us we are physically appealing.

I wear glasses. I need them. And yet, I’d sacrifice my glasses-aided 20/20 vision if it meant more girls would find me attractive.

But how much of it is mental?

Google GlassThis is the internal struggle glasses wearers face. We think the eyewear does more damage to our physical appearance than it actually does, and we act accordingly. Because, come on, outside of maybe first or second grade, who really makes fun of people for wearing glasses? When’s the last time you’ve ever heard some one use the term “Four Eyes,” if ever?

The association of “nerds” and “glasses” is something that’s been both created and perpetuated by television, and nothing else. The bottom line is glasses can be stylish, and has no impact on your personality unless you let it.

That being said, how many supermodels of either gender do you ever see wearing glasses? In a perfect world, no one would wear them and we’d all be beautiful.

In conclusion, glasses have a minimal effect on a person’s outward appearance, but it’s extremely easy for somebody to think that they’re more damaging than they really are. And this is something that goes through the mind of people with glasses on a daily basis.

And now, they may finally, finally, be getting some help, thanks to Google.

Because in the near future — possibly as soon as this year — it may become commonplace for people to start wearing computers on their face.

If wearing corrective lenses is “nerdy,” then I don’t even know what you’d call somebody who elects to wear Google Glass, which is being heralded as the world’s next major technological leap. Computers have become smaller and smaller in the last decade, and now, we will soon be wearing them on our face.

First of all, I love how they’re called Google Glass and not Google Glasses, because the company undoubtedly thought that the association with eyeglasses would immediately create a negative stigma. And they’re probably right. c3po

The Google Glass were made available Tuesday in the United States for one day only — for $1,500.

I’m sure they’re absolutely brilliant. I’m sure they’ll revolutionize technology. And I’m sure someday everyone will own a pair.

But as a prototype, they’re also freaking massive and make their wearers look like modern-day C-3PO’s.

Consequently, the question no one is asking (until now) is: will this forever change the mindset of people who wear normal, non-computerized glasses? Will they stop living in fear that every “10” at a bar will dismiss them? Because as nerdy as we think we look, we won’t look half as nerdy as people who will be wearing Google Glass do.

By virtue of this invention, people with eyeglasses just became sexier. We’re no longer competing against those with 20/20 vision, slicked back hair and impeccable abs. Instead, we’re competing with people with a machine on their face.

Sure, they may be able to access the weather or their contacts (no pun intended) without lifting a finger, but, the guys with the normal, regular looking glasses will be the ones taking home the hot girl from the bar.

Unless, of course, the guy with no glasses — either prescription or computerized — gets to her first.

Damn it.


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