Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to introduce you to HAIM

Last summer, while at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, I had my first dose of  HAIM, a rock band comprising three sisters from Los Angeles.

Festivals offer a wide variety of music. At any given time, multiple bands will be playing on various stages. So you have to pick and choose what you see.

A friend of mine insisted that we stop by the stage where HAIM was playing. He said he heard some of their music and they sounded HAIMgood, and that they were a rock and roll band of three sisters in their early- to mid-20s.

He had me at rock and roll sisters.

So we went, and from that day forward, I am among HAIM’s biggest cheerleaders.

The group is just flat-out awesome. It’s hard to find any new age rockers anymore, let alone one that comprises three girls on the right side of 30. Who are sisters.

What I enjoyed most about them was their camaraderie on stage. When you attend many concerts, you take notice of a band’ presentation. It’s not always about the music (although that matters a lot), but about how the band members interact with not only themselves, but with the audience.

This was at a large music festival, so interaction with the audience was not going to happen, but the way they acted around one another was free, loose, natural. It’s obviously a direct result of being siblings, but still. They laughed both at and with each other, and basically just treated it like they were playing a set in their garage, and not in front of approximately 1,000 people. It was pure rock and roll.

The Haim sisters are Este, 28, Danielle, 25, and Alana, 22. All of them are also great on Twitter. Especially Alana. They joke. They curse. They just act their age, without being obnoxious. Indeed, Este’s Twitter handle is “ESTE FUCKING HAIM.”

If I sound like a giant fan boy, it’s because I am one.

So you can only imagine my excitement that I will be seeing HAIM again, this time as a headliner, in New York City’s Terminal 5 on Saturday night. The show sold out in less than an hour, and the atmosphere is going to be electric.

You may also be familiar with HAIM without realizing it. They performed on Saturday Night Live on November 23, their song “Forever” is featured in a Target commercial, and their single, “The Wire,” has received significant airplay on indie rock and XM radio. I embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

And the band is not even paying me. I’m not looking for money. Nor am I looking for recognition of any kind, or even sexual favors, despite the fact that it is THREE FREAKING SISTERS. I’m  just promoting them out of love.

Because in an era of AutoTune, lip syncing, and untalented teen pop stars … It’s nice to know that there’s some girls out there who can really rock it.



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