When you find yourself in a hot streak in life … don’t question it

We know way too often when people are having bad days.

Just look at your Facebook Newsfeed right now. I bet there’s at least three people who are complaining about how cruddy their day was.

If you lost your job and got broken up with by your longtime significant other today, then yeah, that’s a pretty terrible day. But if JGL 500you stepped in a puddle, missed the subway and had to wait six minutes for the next one, and then the local deli you go to for lunch was out of your favorite soft beverage, then that’s not really bad day.

There’s people who like to think the world is always out to get them, and subsequently, they interpret all of their small misfortunes to confirm its validity. They’re the same ones who believe they have eternal bad luck, and as a result, they’re never happy.

But when do you ever hear about someone experiencing good luck?

And I don’t mean the occasional promotion, or engagement, or any other momentous life event that brings extreme happiness. Because that’s obvious. Those are the rare moments when life jumps out at you and make even the most pessimistic person in the world happy.

I’m talking about when the little things go your way. When do you ever hear someone realize, that, for a few days, everything in their life has gone right? Everything they wanted to happen … did happen.

That, my friends, is called a hot streak.

I happen to be on a hot streak right now. I’ll admit that it doesn’t happen too often. Because in between every little success there’s usually some type of small inconvenience that breaks the stretch.

But every now and then, the inconveniences won’t happen. And when that’s the case, you just need to just enjoy the ride. Don’t question why it’s happening. Just savor the moment. Because it sure as hell is not going to last.

Between my favorite sports teams, my personal life, work, and other factors, very, very little has gone wrong for me in the last five days or so. I have half a mind to buy a lottery ticket.

I almost feel like how Joseph Gordon-Levitt did in (500) Days of Summer when he dances through the park to to “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates.

And my own happiness has got me thinking.

Too often in life, people search for the things that are going wrong. It becomes a disease. One bad instance becomes a bad day. Then a bad week. Then a bad year, and worst case scenario, a bad life.

I challenge people to start thinking more often about the good things that happen to them. If it’s bad luck when you miss your train, then why isn’t it good luck when you arrive on the platform and it comes in less than 60 seconds? Or when you hail for a cab and the first one stops for you? Or when the coffee at your local deli was brewed just right in the morning?

Life offers just as much opportunity for success as it does failure. We all experience both — but tend to notice one more than the other.

Dare to be happy, folks. It’s good for the soul.


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