Miss America pageants exemplify why there is nothing wrong with staring at hot girls

While Miss America pageants still exist, women can’t really complain about men judging women solely by looks.

Because it’s an entire contest devoted towards showcasing the physical attractiveness of females. No one remembers their talents. No one really cares about their life story. What they care about is how they look in a swimsuit.

The contest is so embedded within American history that no one really thinks twice about it. It formed almost a century ago, in Nia Sanchez1921, and this year’s pageant marked the 88th in its history.

Being crowned Miss America is a huge honor. It’s what every girl dreams of at some juncture in their life — winning a beauty pageant.

Most ditch the fantasy at some point — likely because they know they stand no chance at winning one — but for the lucky few who were blessed with extremely desirable features, it’s the ultimate prize.

It also gets huge publicity. Nia Sanchez is probably the most Googled name in America in the last couple of days. The 23-year-old Californian-turned-Nevadian won Miss USA 2014 on June 8, and will be our nation’s representative in the Miss Universe pageant later this year.

What I am most curious to find out is how one becomes a judge for this. I’m sure the panel has a ton of criteria in which they’re supposed to evaluate these girls, but at the end of the day, they’re really just staring at girls in underwear and deciding how hot they are.

It’s pretty much a dream come true. Guys like staring at hot girls. It’s a fact of life.

I’ll take it a step further — a beautiful girl is like art that deserves our attention and appreciation, and that’s what the Miss America pageants are all about.

You may catch a guy staring at a girl in public, his eyes locked, his gaze transfixed, a slight drool formulating at the corner of his mouth, and think that the only thing he’s thinking is what she looks like naked.

That may be true for some. Or a lot. I couldn’t say. But for me, I’m appreciating God’s work. My staring is simply my way of paying homage to a girl’s natural beauty. You’re trying to take in the entire splendor.

Do you look at Monet’s water lilies in a passing glance? No. You have to stare at it for minutes, carefully dissecting the many intricacies involved. Not taking the time to fully appreciate it would be an insult.

It’s the same with a pretty girl. I feel like a dick if I see a beautiful woman and don’t take a few seconds out of my day to not give her a steady eyeful.

And then that’s it. The moment passes and you move on with your life.

Beauty pageants offer the opportunity for people to do this for an actual cause. By staring and analyzing beautiful women, you are contributing to a purpose. You are helping to continue an age-old American institution.

You are making a girl’s dream come true.

God bless America.

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