You say Grenada, I say Granada

Imagine leaving an airplane after a long flight, and your first sight is a view of the Caribbean Sea, complete with palm trees swaying in the breeze, hilly landscapes and a clear blue sky?

Sounds like paradise, right? Well for one guy, it was a nightmare.

Edward Gamson will forever be known as the first dude who ever was pissed to be on a tropical island.

GrenadaThe American man, who makes his living as a dentist, did not mean to go to Grenada. Instead, he had every intention to visit Granada, in Spain. But he ended up in a completely different place. And now he’s suing an airline for more than $30,000.

The story goes that Gamson told a booking agent where he wished to go, who then made the mistake. Apparently, in the process of receiving his ticket, waiting in the airport, and boarding his flight, he did not pick up on the error himself.

He was traveling from Lipson, in Portugal, and wanted to make a stop in Spain before coming home to the U.S. British Airways has allegedly refused to refund his $4,500 first class flight, and now he’s suing.

So let’s review the facts.

  • He was already on a vacation in Portugal.
  • He flew first class.
  • He ended up in the Caribbean.
  • He’s pissed.
  • And suing.

Where’s that .gif where Ari Gold is screaming a profanity inside an office building, expressing his frustration at someone who obviously deserves to be punched in the face?

Ah, here it is.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d be pretty flustered too if I thought I was traveling one place, and ended up somewhere else. But would I seek a lawyer and sue for seven times what I paid for the flight? How greedy can you get?

If the story is correct, and it really is the airline’s booking agent that made the flub, then I understand why he’s upset he’s not getting his ticket refunded. But what happened after he landed in Grenada? Did he immediately leave? Or did he stay for a few days, reveling in the beaches?

Because if it’s the latter, it’s basically the same thing as ordering a beer at a bar, drinking 3/4 of it, and then returning it to the bartender complaining that it wasn’t what you ordered, and demanding a free bottle of champagne in return.

I’m sure Granada, Spain is nice. I’m sure it’s a quaint city full of art and history. But Grenada is a pretty decent consolation. If you stepped off the flight and ended up in Iran, then OK. Sue away.

For his sake, I hope he gets paid. Because otherwise, the only thing the media attention is bringing to light is that he is a dim-witted man. And how could you trust him as a dentist? If he can’t properly book a flight to the right continent, how do you expect him to make important decisions impacting your entire oral region?

I’d sooner trust a prostitute with my oral region than this guy.

Well this dialogue took a steep decline, didn’t it.



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