Of course there’s another Sharknado. Of course there is.

What did we learn from 2013’s Sharknado?

That a movie can be a joke, and still be successful, as long as it’s aware that it’s a joke. Sharknado never — for a second — took itself seriously. That was evident when it cast Tara Reid as one of its main stars.

And I guess it was also evident when its plot revolved around sharks flying from the sky.

Sharknado 2But the movie took on a life of its own. People loved how bad it was. And people loved to say the word “Sharknado.”

So naturally, there’s a sequel. Reid and co-star Ian Ziering will reprise their roles, and it is set for a July 30 release, once again on the SyFy channel, which god knows what channel that is. It’s three weeks from now and there’s already some excitement brewing.

When I think of Sharknado, I think of 2006’s Snakes On A Plane. I never saw the movie, but it also was about deadly animals posing an airborne threat. Of course, that film’s popularity was boosted significantly by Samuel L. Jackson, who starred in the movie.

But what bothered me about Snakes is that people actually tried to act like it was a good film. Again, I didn’t see it, so I admittedly am being very ignorant. But I know it was a bad movie. I know it was.

Sharknado has a 3.3 rating on IMDB, which means that even its most passionate supporters still acknowledge that it was not of very good quality.

1.37 million people watched it when it first premiered on July 11. Because of its popularity on social media, SyFy re-aired it on July 18, when 1.89 million watched. A third airing on July 27 received 2.1 million people.

And the sequel will probably trump that.

People are sheep. Give something a hash tag and they’ll tune in. It’s like a moth to a flame.

Which, on a side note, made me realize why it takes so long for bamboo torches to actually work. I learned this on 4th of July weekend when we used the torches to repel bugs and they did not have the instant desired effect.

One would think that fire would repel bugs immediately, but then I thought of that moths to a flame quote, and realized that it takes a ton of stupid bugs to fly into the flame first and kill themselves before the other bugs finally catch on.

This rambling I just went on about bamboo torches is probably more entertaining than Sharknado 2 will be.

Undoubtedly, it will become a franchise. And it’s no worse than the continued sequels of Scary Movie, once the Wayans Brothers left. Or any movie Tyler Perry has ever made.

The best part about the sequel? Its full title is Sharknado 2: The Second One.

You literally can’t make this up.

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