I feel like I’m not cool unless someone nominates me for the ice water challenge

I’ve discovered recently that there’s something oddly satisfying about watching someone pour ice water over their head.

Maybe it’s the sinister side of me, but seeing people’s reaction as the freezing cold water makes contact with their face is highly amusing.

There’s been plenty of material to choose from, considering that the newest craze across Facebook is people raising awareness for ALS via the Ice Water Challenge, or rather, the #icewaterchallenge.

I’m not entirely sure how it began, but what I do know is that the arbitrary rules command those who are challenged to do it within 24 Ice water challengehours, or else they must donate $100 to ALS awareness.

ALS, better known in the U.S. as Lou Gehrig’s Disease after its most famous victim, is a neurodegenerative disease with no cure.

In the past few days, I’d say I’ve seen at least half a dozen of these videos. And as I said, they are entertaining. I also credit my Facebook friends for their creativity. In one video, a girl I know is wearing a life jacket while dousing herself with ice water in a bath tub. In another, an old high school classmate did it in a penguin costume.

Most people’s first thought is, “wait, why is the consequence of not making a video to make a donation? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

However, in most videos, I’ve noticed people saying that they will make a donation in addition to drenching themselves in ice water. So good for them.

I’ll admit that this is much better than most Facebook awareness causes, like when everyone changed their Facebook profile picture to an equal sign earlier last year to support same sex marriage.

But the more I think about this new trend, a different emotion arises — jealousy.

Do I want to pour cold water on myself? No.

Do I want to do it in the most public way possible? Definitely not.

But it all stems back to the most innate human desire, the thing we all longed for dating back to our high school days: inclusion.

I see several friends nominate one another, having fun, and taking joy in each other’s participation, and yet, no one has thought to challenge me. In other words, with each passing day without being challenged, I feel less and less cool.

I’ve even been dousing myself in cold water every night to develop a tolerance for whenever I get the call.

OK, I haven’t done that.

But I want to be chosen, damn it.

Oh, and I guess I want to donate to ALS awareness and research, too, since, like, that’s why this whole thing started…

Nah, I don’t care about that.

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