Arcade Fire at the Barclays Center

Arcade Fire played three shows at the Barclays Center this weekend, and it appeared the venue had trouble selling out Sunday’s show, as a $30 Groupon for the concert made the rounds on the Internet a couple of weeks ago. A few friends and I made sure to snatch them up — $30 to any show is a solid deal, let alone a prominent band in a major venue.

The downside of a $30 Groupon ticket is that you’ll end up sitting in the nosebleed section, which is why, on Sunday night, I found arcade-slide-H745-jumbomyself sitting in far right corner of the Barclays Center, watching Arcade Fire from the side of the stage.

Fortunately, Arcade Fire’s awesomeness resonated throughout the entire arena, regardless of where you were sitting.

I took photos and a couple of videos, but no one wants to see crappy side stage shots. So I stole something I found on Google instead. If I ever become famous, I promise I’ll go back and give retroactive credit to the photographer.

Arcade Fire, headed by husband-and-wife duo Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, are not only musicians, or even performers — they’re showmen. Or showpeople. They turn their concerts into one big party, bringing dancers onto stage as they sing, and encouraging the audience to come in costumes.

Their latest album, Reflektor, is a dance rock album. So that’s clearly the direction they were going.

But they still mixed in some of their popular songs from their previous three albums, like “Rebellion (Lies),” “No Cars Go,” “Sprawl  II” and “Wake Up.”

The band gained mainstream recognition when they took home the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2011 for The Suburbs. Their prior two albums, Funeral and Neon Bible, like The Suburbs, are borderline masterpieces. Quite simply, the band knows how to make music.

Reflektor, in my eyes, is a slight downgrade. But even a subpar Arcade Fire album is still much, much better than most other music you’ll hear elsewhere.

If you had any doubts about Arcade Fire’s live abilities, need not worry. If you’re a fan, their performance will validate your appreciation for them.

Their two-hour set was fun, vibrant, gimmicky and sounded great.

More than worth the price of admission — even if the band members looked like tiny specks from where I was sitting.


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