Fappening 2014: The fallout

It’s now been approximately 48 hours since nude photos of various celebrities leaked onto the Internet.

What’s new? Victoria Justice all but confirmed that her photos were real. And in a much more frightening note, McKayla Maroney was underage when hers were taken.

Welp. Now the men of America are not only creeps, but pedophiles.

Victoria Justice2Also, The Prostate Cancer Foundation decided to decline a donation by Reddit users who were attempting to turn the situation into a positive by fundraising for a charity that Jennifer Lawrence supports.

Yesterday I opined on the egregious invasion of privacy and the dangerous precedent set as far as people trusting the Internet anymore. Today, I’m going to take a different tact.

I stand by my belief that those who looked at the pictures shouldn’t be judged. It was a huge news item. The photos were everywhere. And humans are curious by nature.

Sure, it was expected for some celebrities, like Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt, to defend their fellow celebrities. But even they probably looked at the pictures.

I will say this, however: 48 hours later, now it’s bordering on voyeurism. It’s still in the news, but it’s old news. For 24 hours, maybe even 36 hours, it was slightly captivating to see what celebrities had been hacked. But now it appears to be over. What’s done is done.

Again, I won’t judge any one who continued to seek out the photos. How is it any different from judging someone who frequents pornographic websites? Yes, I know that pornographic actresses expect you to see them naked — as opposed to celebrities who have photos stolen from them — but it all stems from man’s same natural, innate weakness to need to see naked women.

I’m just saying that I’ve made the personal decision to no longer seek out the photos. It was fun while it lasted, it basically gave me a visual for things I’ve imagined in the past anyway, and now it’s time to revert back to the old method of screen shots of female actresses doing nude scenes in movies.


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