What I’m listening to (part I)

This is something I want to make a recurring theme. I enjoy listening to music, and am always on the constant lookout for new music.

I lean mostly towards indie rock, but dabble in other genres. Basically, anything but country and hip-hop.

I figure I’ll just make a nice list for you guys of the recent tracks that I’ve enjoyed, with a link to their YouTube video. Music review is not my specialty, but I’ll figure it out.

Let’s go.

Deep Sea Diver — Ships. It’s hard for me to say exactly what is so appealing about this song. There’s such an intriguing dynamic between the music and the female lead singer’s voice. Almost like a perfect imbalance. There’s definitely a strong bluesy element too. Listen here.

Dotan — Let the River in. Dotan is a Dutch singer-songwriter whose music sounds a little bit like Bastille. It’s soft at times, but quite melodic and comes together nicely. Listen here.


Shovels & Rope — The Devil is All Around. Husband and wife duo Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent are really, really good at making music. They just released their third album together. It’s pure folk. Hearst has amazing vocal range and this song shows it off. Listen here.

Paper Lions — Do You WannaThis song is just fun. It’s pure indie pop, but it’s catchy as hell. Listen here.


Spoon — Knock Knock KnockSpoon has a new album and the whole thing is pretty solid. It hearkens back to their grungy, dynamic sound from years back and fans of the band should be pleased. Listen here.


Run River North — Lying Beast. If you like Of Monsters and Men, then you’ll like Run River North. They have male and female lead vocalists, and just sound very similar. The only difference is Run River North is Korean Americans. I chose this song because it has a big buildup unlike something you’d hear from of Monsters and Men. Listen here.

Ryan Adams — My Wrecking Ball. I’m a little late to the Ryan Adams party, but god damn, this song is plain beautiful. It’s soft and easy on the ears. Listen to it at the end of the night with a glass of whiskey in hand. You won’t regret it. Listen here.


Somos — The Lives of Others. This band has a fairly generic indie punk sound, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s a nice, clean sound here, and it blends nicely with the punk instrumentals.  Listen here.

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