We get it — Starbucks can’t spell

Unless you’re among the .02 percent of the human population that doesn’t drink coffee, then you’re well aware that Starbucks employees request your name after you order. They then write your name on the cup that will soon be filled with your hot or cold beverage of choice.

You’re probably also aware that they sometimes spell names incorrectly. It’s understandable — names can be confusing. Parents like be to unique when giving names. It happens.

But in case your name is “Mike,” or “Jim,” or one that almost never gets misspelled — then you’re probably familiar with this concept Starbucksbecause of Instagram or Facebook.

People have a fixation with letting people know on social media when Starbucks spells their name wrong.

The post: “Nice job, Starbucks! Way to spell my name right! [includes picture of cup with misspelled name]

Or: “Never seen my name spelled this way before. Thanks Starbucks! [includes picture of cup with misspelled name]”

For whatever reason, people are highly entertained by this. It’s like they’ve never seen their name written down before, and are appalled when it’s not done correctly. As if the Starbucks employees should have done their due diligence and looked up your Facebook page to learn how to properly spell it before writing it down.

But I don’t really know what people expect. They’re baristas. They mix coffee drinks to make some side cash during college. They’re not the wiz kids you see in the Scripps National Spelling Bee every year spelling words like philodendron or asceticism.

And why do you feel obligated to post a picture? It is for proof? It’s not a very far-fetched tale to say that a barista spelled your name wrong. I don’t need photographic evidence.

If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if Starbucks’ corporate headquarters tells their employees to intentionally spell people’s names wrong. Because it’s amazing — and free — publicity. By spelling a name incorrectly, the person then will upload it to their hundreds of followers on Instagram and/or Facebook, and just like that, a bunch of them are craving Starbucks.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy.

My first thought when I see some one make a post like this on social media is to laugh. Not because of how their name was spelled, but I’m laughing at the fact that they just spent $4.75 on a latte.

Seriously, people fail to realize how much money they spend per year on specialty drinks at Starbucks, just because they need to have their cinnamon dolce, or their pumpkin spice. Whatever happened to just drinking regular coffee?

Maybe I’m just bitter because I have a common name that is hard to misspell.

I think I’m going to change my name to Salvatore, or something.

Watch out Starbucks, I’m coming in hot!



One thought on “We get it — Starbucks can’t spell

  1. the surprising thing is that so few people understand the cheeziness of this marketing strategy as brilliant as it is. Most do not know when they are being used. Good for you understanding this cockroach marketring.

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