What I’m listening to (part II)

As per a recurring segment, this is where I present to you what new music I have been listening to mainly throughout the past week.

Echosmith — Let’s Love. This is a band of four siblings, three teenagers and a 21-year-old, the lead singer being the lone girl in the family. Considering the youth of its members, I could not be more pressed with their maturity — both lyrically and instrumentally. Each song on their debut album, “Talking Dreams,” is well paced and different, all with same indie pop vibe. The album is good it was hard for me to even pick one song to highlight. I expect big things from this band moving forward. Listen here.

Blondfire — Where the Kids Are. This song reminds me a lot of Naked and the Famous, a big sound with a catchy beat, sung by a female lead. It really is a great track. Unfortunately, the rest of the album, “Young Heart,” doesn’t really match up with it. But it’s definitely worth a listen. Listen here.

Royal Blood — Out of the Black. The White Stripes meets the Black Keys. Definitely not saying it’s of the same quality of those two great bands, but it couldn’t be more obvious this group was heavily influenced by them. The lead sounds just like Jack White, and their sound is akin to the Black Keys’ bluesy guitar-heavy riffs. All in all, it’s very listenable. Listen here.

The Rentals — Stardust. A very breezy, light listen that flows nicely from start to finish. A good mix of pop punk fused with indie styling. Listen here.

Interpol — All The Rage Back Home. If you can say anything about Interpol, it’s that they’re consistent. You know exactly what you’re getting. And when they make good music to begin with, that’s a good thing. I chose this track, the lead off their new album “El Pintor,” because it’s the single, and it’s as good as any on the album. It sounds like classic Interpol. Listen here.

The Kooks — Around Town. When I first listened to “Listen,” I didn’t know what to think. I thought the Kooks’ first two albums, “Inside In Inside Out,” and “Konk,” were absolutely brilliant, and their third one, “Junk of the Heart,” was a letdown. Upon a second and third listen, this new album is awesome. It reverts back to the style that made them so good, but with a little more edge, and every track is awesome. Listen here.

Haerts — Giving Up. I could easily see this song becoming a hit. But hopefully it won’t because then the hipster in me can’t enjoy it. But it’s catchy as heck, has a great beat and explodes into an awesome chorus with a smooth lead vocalist. It sounds almost like it could have been a contemporary remix of a popular ’80s song, except it’s all original. Listen here.


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