Someone needs to invent an anti-Tinder, personality dating app

Today I had a stroke of brilliance. Or maybe it was just a stroke. I’m not entirely sure.

Nonetheless, I had an idea.

If Tinder is so superficial and shallow, as its opponents like to point out, then why hasn’t a dating app been invented that is the exact opposite of Tinder?

As in, a personality dating app.

*Light bulb emoji*Puzzle

Tinder gives you a small “About Me” space that allows you to say something to represent yourself. Some post a quote, or a quip, and some try to inject a small dose of their own personality in there.

But let’s face it. While people may read it, they’re not making judgments on it. When a new person gets put before you on Tinder, you make the immediate judgment in your head if you like them or not. Within nanoseconds, the decision has been. If — and only if — you find them attractive, then (after looking through their entire array of photos) you may take a glance at their About Me, and, unless it says something extremely distasteful — or racist — it’s not going to affect your initial judgment.

Ergo, that About Me box is worthless.

So why not make an entire dating app where the entire presentation solely focuses, for all intents and purposes, on the About Me?

Here’s what I’m thinking: It’s the same format as Tinder, where you’d get a new person across your screen, and could swipe left or right, but instead of a photo, there is text that lists key personality traits about the person.

Nothing elaborate; no one wants to read an entire block of text. Perhaps it’s a short questionnaire, where you simply learn about somebody’s primary interests (favorite bands, books, movies, etc.) After reading it, and if you feel a kindred bond with the person, then you swipe right. If they also swiped right on you based on your personality traits, then you match, and then you see each other’s picture.

This way, you circumvent the exhausting small talk. You also have perfect ice breakers, and you already know what you have in common.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not proposing this with completely pure intentions. Having matching personalities is just step one of the process. If you match with some one, then you still have the option to judge them on their photos to decide if you want to speak to them.

But, at least this way, you’re matching with others based on a more spiritual level, and then you can decide if you want to be a shallow sonofabitch.

Or you could just meet people in real life.

That still happens, right?

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