Well played, San Francisco. Well played.

There was a point last year when we all wished we could stop hearing “Royals” on the radio. The song, after becoming a massive hit seemingly overnight, topped the Billboard Hot 100 from Oct. 12 to Dec. 7 — nine straight weeks.

And not because it’s a bad song, but because, like all popular songs, it was overplayed.

Well, the people of San Francisco got their wish. Only it’s just one year late.

The Lorde single has unofficially been banned by San Francisco radio stations for the duration of the World Series, because of its connection Lorde Royalsto the team’s American League opponent: the Kansas City Royals.

The New Zealand pop star admitted several months ago that the song was inspired by an old picture she once saw of Hall of Fame Royals third baseman George Brett, who was signing autographs with the word “Royals” emblazoned on the front of his jersey. Last April, Lorde finally met Brett in person.

And now, with the Royals and the Giants set to begin their Best-of-seven matchup on Tuesday night, the city of San of Francisco will temporarily be devoid of “gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room…”

But they don’t care.

They’re chasing a World Series ring in their dreams.

I personally find this amusing because I enjoy when pop culture and sports intertwine, especially when it’s all in good fun. There’s no word yet on whether San Francisco is also boycotting Lorde’s other singles, like “Team,” which, ironically, has much less to do with sports than “Royals” does.

One other connection to the song Royals and the Kansas City Royals? This video made by a Royals fan. I highly recommend watching.

But if you’re a Kansas City radio station, shouldn’t you try to strike back? Find a San Francisco Giants-themed song to outlaw?

Like, uh, that song, with the giant … thing … in it. I got nothing. How about just ban the show Full House from television for a week? Done.

Since Lorde has shown a fantastic ability to take a joke in stride — based on her positive reaction to a recent South Park parody — I’m sure she has no problem with this whole thing. In fact, she should totally hop on a flight to San Francisco and perform a free concert just for the fun of it. Now that would be awesome.

Now, my next question is … when will the entire country pick up on San Francisco’s lead and ban Nicki Minaj?


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