Can people stop linking all of their social media together?

It’s been too long since I’ve had a good, old-fashioned rant.

So let’s do that.

Social media has definitely begun spreading out over the past year or so. Facebook — which, don’t get me wrong, still sits way atop the food chain — tried to dominate. It tried to incorporate everything into one.

facebookinstagramtwitterBut people like variety. They enjoy having an assortment of social media platforms they could pick and choose from. The more apps, the better.

There’s nothing Facebook can do about that. So we have Instagram for pictures, Foursquare for location, Timehop for nostalgia, and Twitter for our most meaningless, futile bits of minutiae that pop into our head and we feel compelled to share.

And yet, some people can’t even be happy with that.

They can’t let these platforms stand alone. So what do they do? They link them together.

I’m not even sure how this is done. I’m assuming there’s an app that allows you to integrate them together, but I don’t know what it is. I hope I never know.

But it’s pretty often when I see a post on Facebook that says it’s directed from Instagram, or Twitter. I see screenshots of people’s Timehop, which, in turn, was taken from Facebook to begin with. What is this madness?

The whole purpose of conforming to these different social media apps is it gives you a greater chance of sharing things with people who will actually care. For example, if you a snap a great photo, of say, a sunset, you can post it on Instagram, where it’ll be appreciated. People go on Instagram with the expectation of seeing photos.

On Facebook, not everyone will give a crap about your sunset.

Likewise, people go on Twitter with the expectation of reading trivial thoughts.

On Facebook, not everyone will give a crap about your trivial thoughts.

So when you post something on Instagram, and then also have it simultaneously post on Facebook and Twitter, it makes me hate you three times.

How starved for attention must people be when they post the same exact thing across multiple social media platforms? How many “likes” do you need, people?

We get it — you need attention. But … you’re also completely abusing the concept of social media altogether. This is 2014 — not 2009. Facebook is for engagement announcements, pregnancy notices, vacation pictures and birthday invites.

It’s not for you to post a picture of your Halloween cookies.

Not only that, but all of your ridiculous Instagram hash tags get carried over, too.

I don’t want to hate you three times. I only want to hate you once.

With all of my venom.

That concludes this rant.



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