Marvel, go away.

Yesterday I read an article that made me feel sicker than any Ebola story ever could.

Marvel Studios announced its plans for its next nine films, to be released before 2019.

That’s right. Nine more superhero films to entrance audiences all over the world. Nine more films that will transform a fictional protagonist to Marvelthe big screen, pitting him or her (but let’s face it, probably him) against a super villian.

Nine more films for comic books fans to endlessly speculate which actor will play these characters, and then criticize once the decision is finally made.

And, more importantly to Marvel, nine more films to cash in billions upon billions of dollars.

Here’s my love letter to the world:


Please stop seeing these movies. By creating such high demand for superhero movies, you are only contributing to the hype. The more money these films gross, the greater their presence will be in mainstream media. Marvel will outspend every other production company in commercials, website advertisements, billboards and banners. Park benches will be draped with pictures of the Hulk. Chris Evans’ face will flash on every high definition screen from Los Angeles to New York City.

But we can stop it. All it takes is a little restraint. We need to understand that every movie follows the same formula. A layman gains supernatural abilities. Concurrently, a bad guy does too. They fight. The good guy wins and gets the girl. A sequel is made. Then, a movie is made where all of these superheroes combine to join forces. One of them is played by Scarlett Johansson.

No more. If we stop talking about these movies, and stop paying to see them, then, and only then, will the Marvel machine be beaten.


the Weinblog.

Who am I kidding? Each successive Marvel movie will make more money than the last. They could make a movie about a shopping cart and it would still be a summer blockbuster.

My main problem is that these movies are stuffed down our throats. There’s plenty of other films that are released each year. Ones that are unique and based on original scripts — and not from comic books. But they don’t have the funds that Marvel does to advertise extravagantly. And that’s why we are always so privy to whatever Marvel is doing.

Whenever they’re up to something, we’ll know about it. There’s no escaping it.

Ironically, only a superhero can stop them.

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