Artie Lange, Taylor Swift and Alex from Target

Two days ago I discussed the suitability of Chris Rock’s brand of humor on such a public, national stage like SNL. The comedian touched on 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombings as part of his monologue bit.

I said that anything is fair game for comedians. Nothing is off-limits. They just need to use discretion, and recognize who their audience is.

Artie Lange went ahead and took that notion a step further, adding another highly controversial subject to the fold that is apparently okay to joke about. Slavery. On Tuesday, Lange delivered a Twitter rant that made Chris Rock’s monologue seem like an excerpt from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Taylor SwiftLange’s tweets discussed, very explicitly, the sexual acts he would like to participate in with ESPN anchor Cari Champion, who is black. I’ll let you use your imagination as to what he said. And what he actually said will still probably be worse than what you’re thinking. Or you could just read it here.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is familiar with Artie Lange. He’s always been crude and vulgar, and never one to hold back. But I don’t expect him to be giving any speeches on gender or race equality anytime soon.

Anyway, let’s move on to a more cheerful topic.

On this Wednesday, all is right with the world. Why? Because Taylor Swift’s new album has sold more than one million copies, becoming the first platinum album of the year, and the quickest to the one million milestone since Britney Spears in 2002. It’s an especially notable accomplishment when you consider how easy Spotify and online pirating have made it to obtain free music, resulting in less album sales across the board. But that didn’t stop the tidal wave of awesomeness that is Taylor Swift.

It’s safe to say that this album is officially out of the woods.

I don’t really have any other further commentary to add other than to point out how much Taylor is killing it right now.

So let’s switch gears once again. Social Media does a lot of weird things. But recently, it may have done its weirdest thing yet. On Oct. 26, a teenage girl, while shopping at Target in Texas, snapped a candid photo of her cashier, and uploaded it to Twitter. Obviously, the girl did it because she found him to be an attractive young man, with his Justin Bieber-esque wavy hair (pre DWI, drag racing Justin Bieber, that is).

Somehow, someway, the candid photo became a viral Internet meme. The hashtag #AlexFromTarget was born. Days later, Alex LaBeouf was on The Ellen Show talking about his newfound fame, and how he’s just as confused by it as everybody else.

Now that’s what you call being discovered in the most unconventional of ways.

I don’t necessarily wish this would ever happen to me, but, I do wish that I was at least good-looking enough that this could be a possibility. I wouldn’t hate it if I had such an effect on ladies that they couldn’t resist snapping a photo upon seeing me.

It would sure beat my usual greeting of “Hey you! You look like David Schwimmer’s retarded cousin!”

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