The saddest thing that’s ever happened on the Internet

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian created a buzz when a magazine cover featuring her exposed derriere surfaced on the Internet. The photo seemed to polarize people, some of whom voiced their admiration for Kim’s audacity, and others who denounced it as just another headline grab.

Today, a new topic has captured the Internet’s attention for a totally different reason.

A newly widowed father was videotaped singing the Beatles’ “Blackbird” to his newborn son, Lennon, who was barely clinging to life. Lennon died a day later.

I will go on record right now in saying there will never be a more heart-wrenching video ever made. Not that I want there to be such a competition for that. But to hear the heartbreak and emotion in the voice of the father, named Chris Picco, singing to his baby as he’s connected to machines, strikes the soul. You simply cannot watch that and not be affected.

The story goes that Chris’s wife, Ashley Picco, required an emergency Caesarean section to save her son. Lennon was born, but Ashley died shortly after in her sleep. Days later, Lennon followed her, but not before he received one last serenade from his father.

It’s things like this that help you realize how fleeting life really is. We’re constantly reminded of it, since sad things happen every day, but it’s easy to forget. Just 24 hours ago, I was seething about Kim Kardashian, and after learning this story, it seems so trivial.

But some good has come out of this tragic situation. On a memorial page dedicated to Ashley, who was 30, comments from friends and strangers alike are pouring in with people offering their sympathies.

A fund for Ashley’s family has already raised $90,000 as of Thursday night, and I’m certain it’ll continue to grow.

And I have a feeling that Chris Picco will be making appearances on some television talk shows, and that he will embraced by people worldwide. Indeed, this is a guest made for The Ellen Show. Ellen, make it happen.

Next time you’re downtrodden, or feeling down in the dumps, just think of Chris Picco, who only wanted to share his love for the Beatles with his son. And for a short while, he did.

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