People need to accept that 2015 will be the year of Benedict Cumberbatch.

2014 was a big year for a lot of people. Ariana Grande. Meghan Trainor. Princess Elsa from Frozen.

But it was not bigger for anyone more than Matthew McConaughey.

His Academy Award win for Dallas Buyers Club propelled him to mega stardom. His acceptance speech, featuring the Sherlock - Series 2now heavily-quoted “All right, all right, all right,” only furthered his popularity. After that, he co-starred in one of the biggest first seasons of a television show ever in True Detective, and probably would have won the Emmy if it didn’t fall in the same year as the final season of Breaking Bad.

And he capped the year off by starring in what might be the year’s most talked about film in Interstellar.

His resurgence was so sudden, and so prominent, that it was given its own name: the McConaissance.

Not too shabby of a year.

Now that it’s drawing to a close, it’s time to wonder: who will be the Matthew McConaughey of 2015? Who is some one that is already a borderline household name, but will soon take the next step in ultra fame and become revered by the general public?

I’ve got it. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Aside from having one of the most interesting names possible, Cumberbatch is already popular for his role in the British television series, Sherlock. He also has had recent notable roles in big blockbuster and critically acclaimed films Star Trek into Darkness and 12 Years a Slave.

But what is missing from his resume is that big dramatic starring role that will earn him international accolades. That is, after all, what gave Matthew McConaughey instant credibility.

Enter The Imitation Game. In theaters on Nov. 28, Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, an English mathemetician who helped crack the Enigma code in World War II. He’s already being listed as a strong possibility to win Best Actor in a Leading Role at the next Academy Awards, with some pegging him as the favorite.

If he gets it, you can expect a full-on Cumber… assaiance.

And even if he doesn’t, it’s still evident that he on the verge of stardom. He’s being featured heavily on major talk shows, he’s well spoken, he enjoys photobombing U2, he does solid celebrity impressions and again, he has an awesome name.

Now is his time. The stars are aligning.

You heard it here first. 2015 … will be the year … of the Cumberbatch.

It rolls right off the tongue.


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