2014: the worst year in pop music ever?

You never know what pop music is going to have in store for us each year.

Since it’s determined by public demand, and not classified by a singular genre, popular music can range from hip hop to rock, to folk, to singer-songwriter, to rap, to Ke$ha.

Iggy Azalea FancySo it only stands to reason that the songs that dominate radio waves on a yearly basis can either be pleasant, or be so excruciating they make you want to tear out your ear drums.

Well, it felt like the majority of 2014’s popular music fell into the latter category. In fact, I’m convinced that this was the one of the worst musical years in decades, if not ever.

I realized this after watching Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones do their annual Thanksgiving medley last week to the tune of recent popular songs on The Tonight Show. And unlike their previous renditions, this one was pretty bad.

But rather than blaming Fallon and Jones, I’m looking no further than their subpar source material that was 2014 in popular music.

Look no further than the Billboard Hot 100. Here is a list of songs that reached #1 on the chart for at least three weeks this year:

  • “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha (three weeks)
  • “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry (four weeks)
  • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (ten weeks)
  • “All of Me” by John Legend (three weeks)
  • “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX (seven weeks)
  • “Rude” by Magic! (six weeks)
  • “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor (eight weeks)

With the exception of “All of Me” by John Legend, all of these songs are terrible. Some may have been listenable the first time you heard them, and possibly the second, but once the smoke settled and you could actually think about the song rationally, you realize how much it sucked.

The “song of the summer” was by Iggy Azalea, for crying out loud.

And that’s what 2014 gave us. Taylor Swift had two #1 singles at the end of the year, including right now with “Blank Space,” but it’s too late. The damage has been done.

2014 is officially a lost cause.

And 2013 wasn’t so special, either. The airwaves over the summer were dominated by Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. But at least Lorde came along in the latter part of the year and salvaged it with “Royals.” One year later, that song is still great.

Not even Taylor Swift can save us now.

But don’t get me wrong. Good music came out this year. Rolling Stone just released its year-end top albums list, which cites solid albums like ones released by the Black Keys, St. Vincent, U2, Jack White, Interpol, Spoon, War on Drugs, Sharon Van Etten, Weezer, Jenny Lewis and Foo Fighters, to name a few. That’s a lot of good shit.

But as far as pop music goes, to say it was lackluster would be an understatement.

In the words of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons … Worst. Year. Ever.

One thought on “2014: the worst year in pop music ever?

  1. I couldnt agree more. I hate this year. Like so much…!!! 2009 and 10 were sooo much better

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