I can’t bring myself to care about this Peter Pan live show

It’s seemed like you haven’t been able to watch anything on television the past couple of weeks without escaping publicity for the upcoming live performance of Peter Pan on NBC this Thursday.

Whether it’s a commercial, a graphic, or one of its cast members appearing on a talk show, it’s really being promoted to death.

Allison Williams Peter PanMaybe it’s because I’m just not a theatrical person, but I don’t really see the novelty in a television show being live. Is it supposed to dictate my opinion of the production?

It’s one thing to pay money to see a Broadway play, and watch world-class actors entertain you on a stage. That’s why people go to the theater; to see live shows they couldn’t see anywhere else.

The majority of what we see on television, meanwhile, is heavily edited. And the viewer is really none the wiser. As long as the final product is crisp and compelling, then that’s all that matters.

So I’d be perfectly content if NBC was airing a performance of Peter Pan that wasn’t live. I’d be equally as intrigued (which still equates to very little).

That being said, I understand why the network is doing it. Being able to say something is live gives it more panache. It makes it more interesting and unique. Look no further than last year’s The Sound of Music Live!, which, although received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, was a giant commercial success as the most-watched program of the evening.

Peter Pan Live!, starring Allison Williams, will probably follow the same route. I mean, three million people watched a special called The Making of Peter Pan Live! last week. Are you kidding me? That literally must have been as boring as it sounds.

Although, I must ask: why must Peter Pan look like a skinny lesbian? I really don’t mean to sound like a misogynist or be politically incorrect, but how else could I phrase it? It’s a male character being played by a skinny female with short hair. Is that really what J.M. Barrie had in mind?

Just because he has zero muscle, can fly, uses fairy dust, and has a best friend named Tinkerbell doesn’t mean that … eh, nevermind. That’s pretty much as feminine as it gets.

What makes it worse is that Allison Williams is an extremely pretty girl with radiant, flowing hair. She should be a model for a L’Oreal commercial, not playing a wimpy man child who wears a green tunic made of leaves.

I’m not saying I’m going to avoid watching it come Thursday, but I really just don’t know if I’m going to care.

Or maybe I’m just a Lost Boy, searching for a reason to believe.

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