Protests and tree lightings are happening concurrently in NYC right now

There’s an interesting dichotomy going on in New York City tonight.

Throughout city dt==streetsm there’s people protesting a grand jury’s decision Wednesday evening to not indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner in July.

Rockefeller-Tree-Lighting-2014-Far1But in Rockefeller Center, it’s the annual lighting of the giant 85-foot tall Christmas tree, marked by world famous musicians singing classic holiday favorites. Mariah Carey is there, singing that damn song again that, somehow, always feels like it’s stuck in your head even though it only emerges once a year.

Tony Bennett’s out there doing his thing. Darius Rucker sang a tune from his recent Christmas album. Leeann Rimes even made an appearance.

In one part of the city, it’s basically a jolly fairy tale land where NBC is trying to shove holiday spirit down our throats. But in other parts of Manhattan, people are mad as hell.

Just flipping from NBC to MSNBC right now reveals two completely opposite situations. It’s like the difference between District 1 and District 12 in the Hunger Games.

I guess it says a lot about me that I’m choosing to watch the tree lighting instead. But come on. It’s the holidays. We’re days away from Christmas and Hanukkah. Thanksgiving just ended.

I understand that having the right to protest is what makes our country so unique and special. But don’t I also have the right to remain ignorant to current events?

If you’re so passionate about something that you want to march in the cold, or lie down in the middle of disgusting Grand Central Station, then bless you. You have a much stronger will than I do.

And as I type this, the tree was just lit, and a chorus is singing “Joy to the World.”

Indeed, we could all use a little bit of joy right now.







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