The world desperately needed some good news and we have gotten it in the form of French Toast Crunch

After the unpopular grand jury decisions regarding the Mike Brown and Eric Garner deaths, the world was in need of a pick-me-up.

Even with the onset of the holidays, something still felt amiss. The constant sight of thousands of protesters on television swarming streets across the country created such an unsettling feeling that not even a gingerbread latte from Starbucks French Toast Crunchcould heal.

What we needed some really good news. And General Mills may have just given it to us.

Ladies and gentlemen: French Toast Crunch is back.

After being discontinued in 2006, the brand that brought us Cheerios has decided to resurrect the beloved cereal by popular demand. General Mills announced it on their blog on Friday morning, 19 years after the cereal was first brought to shelves.

I don’t eat cereal anywhere near as much as I used to, unfortunately, but it doesn’t take an expert to understand the unique qualities that this cereal possessed. French Toast Crunch managed to have a sweet, syrupy taste without corrupting the pure essence of cold cereal. The subtle taste akin to actual French Toast synthesized flawlessly with milk, stimulating the taste buds like no other.

The news has been highly received by people on social media, and for a short while, we have a distraction from all the negativity that has reigned in our country recently.

I really don’t want to understate the significance of this. Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the deal. Not only physiologically speaking, in order to provide proper energy to go about the day, but just as far having an enjoyable experience to start your day.

Breakfast is first real important decision we make after waking up. Well, at least from a guy’s point of view. I’m sure girls put intense thought into their wardrobe each day. But I’ve never put much consideration into a woman’s point of view when writing this blog, so why start now?

Picking the right food to eat in the morning can go a long way. It puts you on the right track. And gosh darn it, when you’re craving French Toast Crunch, nothing else will satisfy. Nothing. Cinnamon Toast Crunch can make you feel a little better, but there will still be some regret.

Of course, the cereal was actually never discontinued in Canada, so those bastards never faced this dilemma. They’ve always had the ability to start their day with French Toast Crunch, and for that, I think we should seriously consider banning them from being part of North America.

That’s not extreme, right?

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