William and Kate are literally getting the red carpet treatment.

In case you haven’t heard, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are in the United States.

The trip has been so widely publicized that it’s received its own name: The Royal Visit.

They sat with President Obama. They’re meeting Jay Z and Beyonce. LeBron James is giving them jerseys. On Tuesday, they laid flowers on the Sept. 11 Memorial at Ground Zero. I’m sure they’ve also heard a particular Lorde song sometime during their travels.

William and KateWherever they go, they’re being praised, lauded and fawned over. Basically they’re being treated like royalty.

Oh. Wait.

I think what’s fascinating so many people about William and Kate being in the U.S. is the clash of cultures. It’s almost like a bizzarro world. Everyone knows who they are, but they’re so deeply entrenched in English culture that picturing them strolling downtown Manhattan just feels wrong.

It’s like if you put the Statue of Liberty in Germany. Or took Chandler Bing and put him in an episode of Seinfeld. It’s just not right.

Either way, it’s become the most popular vacation since Chevy Chase took his family to Los Angeles. /rim shot.

I sort of feel bad for them. We go on vacation to escape scrutiny and attention. Instead, every moment of their excursion is being carefully documented by the media. Never before has a trip itinerary been this public since the latest installment of “Where’s Waldo?”

It’s always nice to get the red carpet treatment. That’s what everyone dreams of. But it’s probably not as appealing when you get it every single day of your life.

I mean, The Royal Wedding was the biggest event this side of the moon landing. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has its own Wikipedia page for crying out loud.

Whenever I go to New York City, the only public acknowledgement I get is from the homeless people who badger people waiting on subway platforms.

Even when I try to attract attention to myself by hailing a cap, I get ignored at least a dozen times before one finally stops. I bet William and Kate get cabs to stop for them on the first try. And not the regular cabs, but the extra cool looking SUV cabs. All because they’re royalty.

I guess that’s the difference between being an Internet blogger and being an heir apparent to Queen of the United Kingdom.

But it’s the only difference, really.



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