Time Magazine had me at “Ebola Fighters”

Time Magazine announced on Wednesday who it’s naming as its prestigious Person of the Year, a distinction bestowed annually to a person or persons who left a huge mark on the most recent year, either positive or negative.

In years past, people from Mahatma Gandhi, to Franklin D. Roosevelt, to Adolf Hitler, to John F. Kennedy all the way to Barack Obama have received the honor. Last year, Pope Francis was the recipient.

This year?

The Ebola Fighters.

Time ebolaAfter first hearing this, I immediately went to Spotify to check out their latest album. Because that has to be a band, right? The Ebola Fighters? That’s an awesome name. I thought maybe they may have even been inspired by the Foo Fighters.

When no results showed, it took me a few seconds for it to register. It’s no band. Time is referring to the healthcare workers who helped fight the spread of Ebola. You remember Ebola, right? That disease that’s killing people by the day in West Africa, and scared Americans for like two weeks a couple of months ago?

Not that they’re undeserving, but I think the American public becomes disappointed when a big award is given to a group, rather than a single person.

It just kind of lessens the whole thing.

Again, doctors who traveled into endemic areas to fight the disease deserve much, much more than being named Time’s Person of the Year.

But it would be like if, at the end of the Grammys, the presenter goes, “And the Album of the Year goes to … every one who has ever played music!”

If it’s not given to a single person, essentially no one wins. Do you think a doctor is actually going to put “Time Person of the Year” on their resume when he or she was one of thousands of people who worked to fight Ebola?

Other recent instances of non-individuals earning Time’s Person of the Year happened in 2011 (The Protester) and 2006 (You).

At least it can be said that Ebola Fighters is much better than those two.

In fairness, who else really deserved it? The normal default winner is the president. But let’s face it, Obama wasn’t winning shit this year. Maybe he can redeem himself and get it again (He’s already won it in 2008 and 2012) in 2014 or 2015, but there was zero chance this year.

So who else? What even happened this year? What about the robot that landed on the comet? That was pretty impressive. Give it to the people behind that.

As far as individuals, though, I’m drawing a blank. How about Taylor Swift? She’s got to get it once. For her cover photo, there could just be a “blank space.”

At the very least, she should look into recording a track with the Ebola Fighters.


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