Quick! There’s still time to get into the holiday spirit!

I can’t help but become captivated by holiday spirit this time of year.

Call me someone who’s easy to manipulate, but all I need is to see one snowflake, or one Macys holiday commercial, and I’m game. I like being happy. So when the season calls for it, you’re damn well right I’m going to answer.

It’s just 10 days until Christmas. If you’ve had a busy month, and haven’t really had time to get into the swing of it all, then it’s not too late. You can still be redeemed.

Because the best time of the holidays is the anticipation. The mood and positive feelings leading up to Christmas. If Christmas spirityou wait too long, it’ll pass you by.

So don’t waste another minute. Start right now.

And here’s how.

Watch old Christmas movies

Forget Elf and Bad Santa. The real holiday movies that captured the true spirit of Christmas were made long ago, with class, elegance, and no vulgarity.

Everyone knows It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Christmas Carol. Those are all excellent, obviously. But there’s other lesser known greats.

Try Christmas in Connecticut, starring Barbara Stanwyck, released in 1945, about a food writer who must pretend she lives the idyllic lifestyle she writes about in her columns when she hosts a war hero and her publisher at her Connecticut farm for Christmas.

Or The Bishop’s Wife, a 1947 film starring Cary Grant, who plays an angel who tries to help a bishop that’s lost a sense of his priorities come Christmastime.

If these movies don’t put you in the mood, nothing will.

Or just flip to ABC Family

If you prefer movies that aren’t in black and white, ABC Family is currently amid its “25 Days of Christmas” programming, and will keep airing holiday movies for the next couple of weeks.

Albeit, many of them are corny made-for-TV movies that aren’t very good. But come on, Christmas and corny go hand in hand!

Listen to KJOY

KJOY is probably the last radio station I’d recommend listening to any other time of the year, but come December, it’s chock full of holiday classics like Jingle Bells and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I dare you to switch the station when hearing one of those songs.

The other day I put it on and there was an a capella version of 12 Days of Christmas to the tune of “Africa” by Toto. It literally was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

Walk into Starbucks

All you have to do is set foot into the coffee shop and see the flavorful drinks they have right now — the gingerbread latte, eggnog latte and the caramel brulee — and you will be instantly won over.

Even if you walked in with the intention of ordering something else, you’ll somehow end up getting one of those three. Because they’re too tempting to pass up. And don’t even bother not ordering whipped cream. You’ll be miserable if you don’t.

Spread the cheer

Once you’ve finally accepted that this is the most magical time of the year, don’t keep it to yourself. Message a friend, hum carols to your coworkers, or even go and buy something for someone you like. Heck, maybe even donate to charity.

That’s the true spirit of the holidays: giving to those who need it most.

And if you’re Jewish then, disregard all of this, and … whatever.

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