This Christmas, I OD’d on Harry Potter

It was Sunday morning when I put on ABC Family to catch some of Harry Potter Weekend, denoted by the hash tag #HarryPotterForever, as the network aired all eight movies multiple times over the course of three days.

Prisoner of Azkaban started at 8 a.m, and the rest of the series followed until midnight.

The day before, I had seen bits and pieces of The Sorcerer’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets.

HPSince it was also the final week of the football season, I decided that I’d watch the marathon for a few minutes, and then spend my Sunday doing a mix of other things.

Ten hours later, I was so far deep into Potterland that it took me a little while to even remember that magic isn’t really a thing. I watched almost every minute of every movie. And it was amazing.

I pick up and read a Harry Potter book every now and then (I was hooked on the series growing up), and catch some of the films whenever they play on movie channels. But this gave it context.

The marathon allowed me to watch the events in succession, with no gap from movie to movie. It was a totally different experience.

It also helped me realize how awesome Twitter can be when actually used effectively. By following the hash tag, I was able to watch it along with thousands of people online at the same time, and experience their reactions to major events. And as any one who’s read the books knows — there are many of those.

It was a perfect way to not only end not only my four-day vacation from work, but the holiday season. Harry Potter may have little do with Christmas, but its story evokes the same wonder and magic that comes with this time of year.

Most of all, it was nostalgic. The Harry Potter series is one of the biggest things that binds Generation X together — or at least those born between the mid 1980s and early 90s.

While this current generation is defined by social media, ever increasing technology and ever decreasing attention spans, my generation will always have a book series that inspired adolescents to love reading again.

On Sunday, it call came surging back.

And then when I quoted the movies the entire next day at work, it made me even more popular.

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