My favorite time of the year … besides Christmas, or the summer, or baseball season, or basically any other time that’s not now.

Lets’s face it, January and February are the worst months of the year.

My apologies to any one born during them, but, you were born during a shitty time of the year. Why do they suck so much? Well, for one, it’s freezing outside. I am aware that the cold weather begins in November and December, but at least the frigid temperatures then is joined by the best holidays.

Once the luster of Christmas and New Year’s is over, we’re sick of the cold. So the first two months of the year pretty much are about endurance. Just getting through them. As I type this, it’s 12 degrees outside. Are you kidding me?

Bring me Spring.

GGUK_Sat_PUBut it’s not totally miserable. There is some enjoyment that comes with this time of year. In fact, the last couple of days has brought some of that joy. Of course, it’s a completely esoteric thing that only applies to music lovers, but … early January is when major music festivals announce their lineups.

I probably just lost 99.5 percent of people reading this. “That’s the one thing that redeems this point of the year? Seriously?” is probably what you are thinking.

But it’s more than major festivals like Coachella and Governor’s Ball announcing the plethora of bands that they will each be hosting, but rather, a reminder of times that lie ahead.

A reminder that summer — and nice weather — will be back sooner than we think. Coachella announced their lineup yesterday. Governors Ball today.

For music junkies, the announcements allow for several days of comparing which lineup is best — a debate music blogs have already begun. It becomes almost a question of territorial pride. East Coast vs. West Coast. Coachella is the bigger festival, being a two-weekend event that last summer accrued more than half of a million participants. Governors Ball, a modest weekend affair, drew a little more than a quarter of that.

So that it’s even a debate is a victory alone for the East Side. Yeah bitches.

In the coming weeks, other major festivals like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly, and my personal favorite, the Newport Folk Festival, will also announce their lineups, continuing to tease us of the summer fun that’s so close, yet so far.

January and February do have other good things. The Super Bowl and National Championship game. Oscar season. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Valentin—- err, nevermind.

But, come on, if the best part of a month centers around things that aren’t even going to happen until a few months from now, you know it’s a terrible time of the year.

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