I publicly declare my support for Charlie Hebdo

I may write a lot of inane and superfluous posts on this blog about things of little worldly significance, but now that’s about to change.

It’s time for me to take a stand.

Because, you see, as a blogger who has free reign to post whatever he wishes on a daily basis, and takes full Parisadvantage of his Constitutional rights, it’s my duty, my civic obligation, to declare my public support for my comrades who also use a public platform to highlight news in a humorous fashion.

Charlie Hebdo, I got your back.

Together, we are beacons of free speech. We are bold enough to say whatever we want, regardless of who we piss off, for the sake of humor.

Granted, Charlie Hebdo does it to millions of people, and I do it to like … 11 people, but, in the grand scheme of things, we’re trying to accomplish the same thing.

So let the record show that the Weinblog is on team Hebdo.

Unless Islamic terrorists are reading this. Then I’m kidding.

Any one who’s actually followed international news is aware that it’s being dominated by the events in Paris, where gunmen opened fire inside the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper on Jan. 7 and killed 12 people. The publication was targeted for its caustic depictions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

If there’s anything we’ve learned recently, it’s that people become really offended when others threaten our right to free speech. First it was the reaction to Sony’s initial scrapping of “The Interview,” and now this. Millions have joined together in Paris since the attack, and have brandished pencils as a symbol of free speech.

It’s true that we take these liberties for granted, especially since they still do not exist in all countries, but never before have you really seen people acting so affronted over others threatening the freedom until now.

It’s also pretty cool that the pencil is making a comeback with all of this worldwide attention.

We all know that retro things always reemerge — vinyl, large headphones, converse sneakers — but who knew it would take a terrorist attack for pencils to be cool again?

But the point here is that, as a blogger who freely discusses heated political issues with no fear of repercussions, I too am appalled when another outlet is punished for exercising their right to free speech.

We are all united by our inherent need to make people laugh.

Hebdo, I may have never set foot in Paris in my life, but I’m with you bro.

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