Nobody is perfect, but Anna Kendrick comes pretty close.

When you think about it, the word “perfect” doesn’t really meaning anything.

In a literal sense, something that is perfect has no flaws. But what is considered a flaw to one person may not be to another, and therefore, nothing can be universally flawless.

So nothing, or no one, is perfect.

Except Anna Kendrick.

Am I about go on a 10-minute lovefest? I very well might. You’ve been warned.

???????????????????????????Ask anybody what they think of Anna Kendrick, and they’re likely to say something positive. In the several years since she’s achieved career success, she hasn’t really done anything to earn our disapproval. She’s a good actress, for one. She’s also a good singer.

So the talent is undoubtedly there. It was never debatable.

But what’s made people fawn over her is her personality. If you’ve watched her interviewed on variety shows, or checked out her Twitter, then you know that the girl has a sense of humor.

And not just in the sense that she makes the occasional joke. Anna Kendrick is constantly funny. She’s bitingly sarcastic, and it sets her apart from most of her female colleagues who try to exude a certain Hollywood-appropriate demeanor whenever they’re being interviewed.

Kendrick, meanwhile, always seems to act like herself.

She joked in a Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle last year that she’s “approachable hot,” meaning she’s the type of girl that is attractive, but not too attractive that it’s intimidating. And that kind of sums up her appeal.

And starring in Pitch Perfect, a glee club movie that was so entertaining it somehow succeeded in an era when the television show Glee has made people hate glee clubs, didn’t hurt her popularity. In fact, I’m convinced the movie only succeeded because of Kendrick.

Although, lately, it’s evident that Kendrick has some lost weight, which is really the first time she’s shown any inclination to conform to Hollywood’s expectations for women. Or maybe she just did it for herself. Who knows. Either way, she’s suddenly not looking so “approachable hot” anymore.

Simply put, she’s the entire package. Talent, beauty, humor and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

Dare I say it … she’s the type of girl you just want to take to your local dive and grab a beer with, while making fun of other people in the bar around you.

Sounds pretty pitch perfect to me.


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