This Jimmy Fallon-Nicole Kidman interview is so genuine and authentic, it’s no wonder it’s captured America’s hearts

A recent Tonight Show interview between Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman has spread rapidly throughout the Internet, accumulating more than 20 million views in less than two weeks.

These interviews typically net a lot of views, because they tend to contain humor and because Fallon is a great conversationalist, but this one has gained attention for a different reason.

Most variety show conversations are rehearsed, and the host and guest know exactly what topics are going to be 1420811056_nicole-kidman-jimmy-fallon-zoomdiscussed before the cameras begin rolling. Kidman had never appeared on either show Fallon has hosted before, and it was clearly planned that they’d bring up their one shared story of a previous meeting some 10 years ago.

But what happened next, neither of them saw coming.

The story is that they once hung out together in Fallon’s New York City apartment, a meeting Fallon thought an innocuous one motivated by the fact that Kidman wanted him to be in her upcoming movie.

But when Kidman reveals the true nature of the meetup, hilarity ensues.

Lo and behold, the truth is she was attracted to him, and arranged for a mutual friend to set them up to see if there was chemistry.

Ten years later, Fallon never knew this, and found out in one of the most awkward ways possible. On television. His reaction is so genuine, so identifiable, that it’s clearly struck a chord with the general public.

Here was Jimmy Fallon, a relatively well known name from Saturday Night Live — but by no means an A-list celebrity — given the opportunity to date a gorgeous international celebrity whom every cold blooded male could only dream of dating.

And he had no fucking clue.

Watch it yourself. It contains the hilarious retelling of their approximate 90 minute “hangout,” and afterwards, the tension and awkwardness in the room is so great that they can barely even talk about anything else without becoming embarrassed. The interaction is priceless because it’s so real, and is something that has happened to so many people before.

It also helps that Fallon and Kidman are two endearing, attractive people with bubbly personalities.

Both are married now with kids, so that obviously is what enabled the story to be brought up in the first place. Not only can you sense the deep regret Fallon has that he missed an opportunity to hook up with Nicole Kidman, but I feel like, we, the viewer, sort of regrets that the two didn’t end up together. It’s like a romantic comedy wrapped in an interview, and it’s great.

But it also preaches important lessons. For men, it shows that just because we consider a woman to beautiful, and “out of our league,” that we shouldn’t immediately discount the notion that she may have interest in somebody like us. Sometimes we need to give ourselves more credit.

For women, the lesson here is that men are not mind readers. We can’t see what you’re thinking. If you are interested in dating us — say something. Don’t assume that, because you’re alone in a room together, the guy is going to make a move. And more importanly, never assume that because he didn’t make a move, that it means he’s not interested.

Let me tell you something ladies, men may talk a big game, but when it comes to the time to make a move, we become petrified.

So when Jimmy has that moment of realization, regret and shock at the fact that Nicole Kidman was once tried to date him, it creates a sequence of events that’s so authentic that it couldn’t have been rehearsed. And it’s all on camera.

And not only that, but all men of the world are right there with Jimmy. For all of us, there’s a time in our life involving a woman that we constantly look back to and say, “Man, if I only did things differently, then who knows what might have happened.”

Likewise, I’m sure all women relate with Kidman’s dilemma, and have their own similar stories.

So not only did this interview thoroughly entertain, but it likely also rekindled in people the memories of our own mistakes. Thank you Jimmy and Nicole for this great conversation that’s so steeped with humanity.

I also couldn’t agree more with Jimmy — the New York side of Niagara Falls sucks.

2 thoughts on “This Jimmy Fallon-Nicole Kidman interview is so genuine and authentic, it’s no wonder it’s captured America’s hearts

  1. Hi! I’m enjoying reading your blog. I like your format and your voice really comes through. You’ve given me some ideas for starting my own blog, so thanks!

    I was cracking up over Nicole’s description of their hangout and Jimmy’s enthusiasm for his video games. Oh, Jimmy. Haha. It’s like you said, if he’d given himself more credit, he and Nicole could have possibly gotten together. I also agree that women need to be more direct.

    Hey, what’s wrong with the NY side of Niagara Falls? How do I describe it? Oh yes. Sketchy. I think that’s the perfect word.

  2. Oh sure blame the women. Men don’t know how to act or how to impress women they’re interested in. They go straight to being aggressive or do nothing at all. There’s a happy middle of attentiveness. Damn those friggin video games you guys are addicted to almost as much as porn! and damn you Rick! Nah, they wouldn’t have been a good match anyways, they would have eventually broken up by now I’m sure.

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