Gentlemen: you can now be cockblocked by a phone app

It’s one thing to meet a girl, find that there’s chemistry, only for it to explode in your face when she drops the “B” word.

But you get used to it. It should never come as a surprise when a woman — especially a good looking one — has other men who want to date her.

At least you can tip your cap and say, “Oh well. another man beat me to it. He won fair and square.”

But it’s another thing to be rejected by a woman … because of a phone app.

Invisible Boyfriend is a thing. A real life thing. For $25, woman can customize their dream significant other, textflirtingWPpicking the name, age, personality traits and interests, and the app will respond to your text messages as if they are your boyfriend. In fact, the Washington Post discovered that it’s actually a human being on the other end, and not an automated bot.

The app is apparently designed for women who face constant pestering from family and friends who hound them for not having a boyfriend. So now, when they lie that they do have one in order to shut them up, they now have visual proof.

That proof being their very own invisible boyfriend.

The app has received considerable press, but what’s being lost in all of this is that girls will likely use this to ward off guys who hit on them at bars. It’s so simple. A man approaches them, and, if they’re not vibing him after a few minutes, all they have to do and whip out their phone and say, “Oh, my boyfriend just texted me.” And they can literally text him back.

This is not good.

In fact, I think the single men of the world need to unite, discuss this in depth, and come up with an action plan. Like how residents do for a community meeting when they feel like their neighborhood is being threatened.

In this case, our manhood is being threatened.

I can deal with being lied to. For centuries, woman have fabricated boyfriends as an excuse to back out of conversations. But when there’s a phone app assisting them in this process, that’s when I have a problem.

In fact, I may even choose to not believe a girl now when she tells me she has a boyfriend. I’ll demand visual proof. And if she refuses, I’ll grab her phone and look for it myself. And then I’ll probably get arrested and be handed a restraining order.

All I know is that’s a sad day when technology has evolved to the point where a phone app can get more play than an actual human being.

(How do I sign up to work for this app?)

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