The motivation for doing things

An experience is something that is unique to everyone. Whatever it is you’re doing, individually or as a group, we all react and internalize in our own way. In the past, we really had no outlet so share thoughts about those experiences besides verbally.

You would tell your friends about it over the phone, or the next time you saw them at school. Or even keep it to yourself and cherish it independently.

Thanks to social media, those days are over.

phonesNo longer do we go out and try new things simply for the joy of it. Instead, we do it knowing that we can say that we did it on Facebook. Or Instagram. And that’s become our motivation. And I hate it.

If you love doing something — like exercising, or going to concerts, or traveling — then actually going out and doing it should give you all of the motivation you need.

If no one else in the world knew you did it, does it matter? If you love it, then theoretically, you should be able to do it, and never tell anyone about it and still be happy.

And I’m not saying that those who do share their experiences on social media are bad people. I do it too. But if it’s become your overarching incentive for doing it in the first place, then I think it’s an indication that you’ve lost track of what’s truly important to you.

It’s the age that we live in. It’s no one’s fault. Social media is easily accessible, and it’s difficult to resist tapping a few buttons on your phone and communicating with your social network. By doing it, though, you’re transforming your personal experience into a public one. And I think people forget that.

Since social media is so embedded and accepted in society, it’s almost impossible to make plans and execute them without incorporating social media in some way.

Nothing can really be done to change that. But my primary hope is that people realize that their primary motivation for doing things is for the love of it, and not because they are seeking public approval.

Remember, there was a time when we had no choice but to do things for no other reason than we wanted to.

5 thoughts on “The motivation for doing things

  1. I will always choose to do things in life because I want to and my own sheer pleasure is my motivation. Using social media in the mix is an added bonus. Haha.

    I have been on a health kick for almost a year now. I post a lot on social media about the running I do. I realize that might annoy some people, and that my running isn’t such a big deal. Most of them are short 5K runs. But as a nerdy cheerleader who grew up in a family full of jocks, what I do is pretty amazing, to me anyhow. I’m proud of the changes I’ve made in my life. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I post about this on social media because it’s my way of holding myself accountable. Some days I don’t feel like running and I make myself go do it because I posted about it. So far, nobody has complained about it, well, not to my face, anyway. 😉

    What do you like to post about these days? I try to keep my phone usage down to a minimum when I’m out with friends. I really try to be conscious of that. But if I’m with other people who are on their phones, I relax that a bit.

    • Social media is a great tool, and I certainly don’t blame the people who embrace it, at least for the right reasons, like you are.

      I don’t really post much on social media anymore. At least not on Facebook. But if you saw my Instagram you’d see that I do post short clips of all the concerts I attend. So I’m definitely a hypocrite.

      My goal is just to get people thinking about why they do things. People are in such a rush to take a photo where ever they go, so they can put it on social media ASAP. It was only 10-15 years ago when we didn’t even have the option to do that, and I don’t remember any one complaining. I like social media, but I wish it never existed to begin with,

      • I enjoy your Instagram videos. I don’t always get to see every single one, as sometimes my timeline updates before I can get to see it. But I do “like” something if I see it.

        And I do agree with you about how people are in a rush to post things on social media. I’m so mean for thinking this, but do you ever look at someone’s photos and think, “What the hell am I supposed to be looking at?!?” Haha! Like, why post every daily minutiae? We really don’t need to see what breakfast of eggs and bacon looked like!

        I get what you’re saying. Quality over quantity. Why do you wish social media never existed, though? Sometimes I think too much negativity and hate is expressed that way but I still enjoy using it.

      • Life was simpler before. That’s really the reason.

        Now that social media is here, I don’t want it to go away. I just wish it never appeared to begin with, so we could all be ignorant to what we’re missing out on.

      • I see. That is true. Life in general was so much simpler then. It was nice to go somewhere and just be in the moment.

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