A spoil of celebrities in New York, and thunder snow in Massachusetts

Pick a celebrity, any celebrity, and they were likely in New York City last night for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.

The celebration of the world’s most renowned sketch show reminded us of its extremely storied past. A lot of young people probably don’t realize how many famous comedy actors they know today got their start on Saturday Night Live.

SNL40The 210-minute special featured tons of old clips, a few musical performances, and several sketches. Members of the cast past and present, memorable hosts and performers, and some other A-list celebrities like Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Seinfeld, Bradley Cooper and Taylor Swift got in on the fun.

It was a night of who’s who.

But here’s my question: who let Miley Cyrus within 10 miles of the studio?

Scratch that. Who let her in the building? Better yet, who in their right mind decided to let her perform? The four musical performances were bookended by legends Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. Kanye West was the other, which I can live with. He’s a pop culture icon at this point.

But Miley Cyrus? The special could have gotten anybody in the world to perform, and they chose her? Arcade Fire was already in the audience! They were there. Just hand them some freaking guitars and tell them to go.

It makes very little sense.

Oh well. At least we got a new Jeopardy! sketch.

The only thing bigger than the show itself? The after party. Also known as, the type of party reserved for our nation’s elites we all dream of one day attending, but never will, and only serves to remind us that we will never be famous or important, but then we convince ourselves that the regular jobs that us commoners do are extremely integral in keeping the American economy afloat, even if we’ll never get proper credit, and we do matter.

That kind of party.

Meanwhile, some 225 miles northeast, it was snowing again in Massachusetts.

Boston is just one foot of snow away from it being the most ever accumulated in a single winter. Seemingly every storm that’s threatened the Northeast the last couple of months has swerved around its projected target and instead nailed Massachusetts.

I’d sympathize more, but New England sports teams have won nine world championships this century, while my Thundersnowteams have won none. So … my reaction? Deal with it, Boston.

The only positive of the severely inclimate weather there? Thunder snow.

A video that’s widely circulated the net today is the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore going absolutely bananas and geeking out to a meteorological phenomenon called thunder snow, which is … exactly what it sounds like.

Apparently it’s rare for it to happen once, let alone seven times in one storm, which is what Cantore experienced, and he was pretty damn excited about it.

It was pretty appropriate, because most Saturday Night Live Cast members also have thunder snow to thank for their success.

Also known as cocaine.

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