A one-way trip to Mars? Why the hell not?

If somebody approached you and said they’d be willing to send you off to Mars tomorrow, only to never to return again, what would you say?

Four people will have that experience.

Of course, they’ve had more than 24 hours notice. Mars One, a project headed by an organization determined to land people on Mars by 2025, is closer to finding its guinea pigs. An original field of more than 200,000 willing Marsparticipants has been narrowed to 100.

If they were to make it to the Red Planet, they’d start the first ever human settlement, and then, well, us Earthlings would never see them again.

On the surface, this prospect sounds insane. Crazy. Nuts. Leave the planet and never see any one besides three strangers for the rest of your life?

And that’s even if you make it there.

But then you think about it. This is an opportunity to do something nobody has ever even attempted before. You get to do something’s that’s bigger than … anything. You get to etch your name into history. If that doesn’t give you a sense of purpose, then what does?

Now, I never would have even considered volunteering for this. Although the fact that 600,000 people did shows how enticing the voyage is. But, going back to my original question, if somebody came up to you and said you can go to Mars if you want to, and never return home, how hard would you think about it?

We’re all going to die some day. You’ll just do it somewhere else.

And this is the furthest thing from committing suicide. That’s a way out. That’s escaping life and ending it all. Going to Mars and essentially losing all human contact besides three other people, and seeing and experiencing things nobody else ever has, that’s an adventure.

It would be hard to say no. Of course, it’s purely hypothetical so it doesn’t really matter, and it’s probably impossible to predict what you would say unless you were in this actual situation. But it’s fun to think about.

Now if I got to actually choose the other three people who would come with me, that would make it a no-brainer.

Anna Kendrick. Jessica Chastain. Taylor Swift. Done.

Mars, where you at?

One thought on “A one-way trip to Mars? Why the hell not?

  1. Just looking around the blogosphere to see what others are saying about Mars One. Fun choices, I’d probably pick at least one or two of them. if I didn’t have to go and could send anyone I wanted to never see again, I’d send Kanye, Aaron Hernandez, and Scott Walker. Want to know which of the 100 would be my dream team? Find out at That’s So Jacob: http://thatssojacob.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/life-on-mars/

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