It’s time to give some love to Ed Sheeran

Every guy wishes they had the ability to strum a few chords on a guitar, sing some passionate lyrics, and woo every woman within a 25-foot radius.

Being able to sing and play the guitar can compensate for any lack of game a man has. It’s the ultimate equalizer. But some people have it and some people don’t.

And then some people master it. Like Ed Sheeran. To date, the 24-year-old Englishman’s name has been said just two times on my blog. Since he’s a legitimately talented and soulful singer-songwriter, I thought it was time to finally give him some love.

Ed SheeranHe’s immensely popular right now, mostly among women, but if he keeps writing good music then I think men will start coming around soon, if they haven’t already.

“Thinking Out Loud” is his current popular song. It’s been all over the radio in your car and at your local Starbucks, and it will also probably be the most played song at weddings in 2015. But the track follows a formula that Sheeran has stayed true to in his short but highly successful career: simplicity.

His biggest hits, including “Lego House, “The A-Team” and “All of the Stars,” follow this blueprint. As does my personal favorite, “Sunburn.” There’s no gimmicks. No grandiose musical accompaniment. Just straight up acoustic guitar and a no-nonsense delivery. If you watch him sing live, he doesn’t prance around the stage. He just stands there and sings. 

But what sets him apart is his supreme songwriting ability and his extremely melodic tone. He has a damn good voice. Sometimes the problem with singer-songwriters is that there’s not much vocal range, and the more they sing, the more redundant it becomes. That hasn’t been the case with Sheeran. Granted, he’s only released two albums, but they contain such a diversity that you can’t help but feel that the best has yet to come.

It also doesn’t hurt that he has very distinct, raggedy red hair that has now become his trademark.

Success was probably inevitable considering his abilities, but Taylor Swift played a big part in launching his career, when they recorded a duet, “Everything Has Changed, on her 2012 album, and then invited him on tour with her. By the time the song was released as a single in July 2013, Sheeran was already well known, as his own single, “The A-Team” became a hit in the U.S. in late 2012. So Taylor may not get the credit for “discovering” Sheeran, but she definitely helped.

Regardless, because of that song, the two are now inexorably linked. Which is fine. It makes perfect sense, actually. They’re both singer-songwriters, they both sing about romance, and they both are on my iPod.

So Eddie, you no longer have to mope about being ignored on the Weinblog. I see you, brother. Keep doing you.

And since I can’t play the guitar or sing, I’ll have to make up for my lack of game in other ways. Like learning to juggle. Or honing my ventriloquist skills.

That’ll do it.

5 thoughts on “It’s time to give some love to Ed Sheeran

  1. Admittedly, I haven’t given Ed Sheeran much of a chance. I really should.

    I’ll have to listen to the songs you suggested. I like listening to music that I haven’t been properly introduced to yet.

    Now in return, I’ll suggest one of my favorites to you. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of them already, but I really love the band, Metric. Emily Haines has an awesome voice and they rock it out! I love their energy. They’re from Canada (Toronto, specifically).

    I think I’ve heard one Ed Sheeran song but at the time I’d heard it, I wasn’t feeling it. I’ll give him a second listen. Thanks!

    • It took me a little while to come around on him. His music may not float your boat — although i know you like singer-songwriters like City and Colour so it just might — but at the very least, it’s refreshing because he’s definitely a true artist. I’d recommend starting with some of the songs I mentioned in the post.

      • I will do that… thanks! I like all kinds of music. I like singer-songwriters but I also love a mean guitar riff. It really depends on my mood. How about you? What other genres of music do you like?

        I’ve even enjoyed country music from time to time. Conway Twitty, Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline, I like a lot.

        The Metric songs I like are: Dead Disco, Succexy, Youth Without Youth and Monster Hospital. That’s what I’d recommend. Sorry for not posting any links, but I’m responding on my phone.

      • I meant to mention in my last comment that I am familiar with metric. They’re good and definitely make music that’s different than the mainstream, which is good.

        I listen to everything. I particularly love folk, indie rock, singer-songwriter, punk; my taste is pretty eclectic. I don’t listen to country but I don’t dislike it. I do, however, have no interest in hip hop or rap.

      • I like rap/hip-hop. I also like house music and freestyle. When I was growing up outside of Detroit, spending a lot of time in Ann Arbor, that was what a lot of my friends and I listened to. When I hear music from that time, I get transported back in time to when my biggest worries were getting my biology homework done or how to get permission to stay over at my BFF’s house. Haha.

        The new rap is awful, though. I will say that. I don’t like how it’s so unoriginal. A lot of the songs sound the same, with that awful airhorn sound effect blasting over it. I can understand why you have no interest in rap. Some artists are misogynistic, violent or both. I don’t like those artists. I like the fun ones.

        I hope you enjoyed your concert! Have a great weekend.

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