Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline, so in turn, Canada vetoed Chris Brown

While one of the more popular news items today is the guilty verdict of the ‘American Sniper’ killer Eddie Ray Routh on Tuesday night, another momentous story of more national importance was the president’s veto of a bill pushing the approval of the Keystone Pipeline.

The pipeline, which has been completely shelved aside and tied up in bureaucratic and political wrangling since Barack Obama took office six years ago, would carry 800,000 barrels of petroleum per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

There’s a whole mess of environmental concerns that have been tied to the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline, and questions of exactly how many jobs its construction would actually create, but of greater significance is that it was only Obama’s third ever veto, and it illustrates the disunity that exists between our nation’s top chief and Republican-majority Congress.

Canada, on the other hand, will be fine. There are several other pipelines that cross from its border into ours, and Chris BrownI’m sure they’ll find other means to get their oil exported somewhere for profit.

But that doesn’t mean they still couldn’t stick it to the United States in some way.

Enter Chris Brown.

Not many people like Chris Brown anymore. His reputation was irreparably damaged when he beat the living shit out of Rihanna six years ago, but the singer hasn’t helped his cause by not appearing to be even the slightest bit apologetic since it happened.

In fact, the 25-year-old seems to have learned very little from the incident, and as recently as last year, was jailed for three months for violating probation.

So when he tried to cross the border for shows this week in Montreal and Toronto, the Canadian authorities told him to stay the fuck away.

Canadian officials are legally forbidden from addressing exactly why Brown was denied, but there’s little doubt it’s because of his criminal record. The country’s border patrol can be pretty stringent when it comes to evaluating people with a troubled past. I know this because a friend of mine was once rejected from entering the country because he previously had a DWI. And that’s no where near as bad as beating the living pulp out of a woman.

Also, In 2010, Brown was denied entry into the United Kingdom. So there’s precedent there.

But, what if … this was the Canadian government’s subtle way of getting even with Obama for blocking approval to the pipeline? An eye-for-an-eye type deal? You veto our pipeline, I’ll veto your R&B star?

I wouldn’t put it past Canada. Those head bobbing bastards.

Yeah, everything I know about Canada I learned from South Park.

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