Obama and Netanyahu are having a Biggie and 2Pac-like “beef”

Now that we’ve all recovered from the mass hysteria that was #dressgate, we could move onto some more serious issues.

Like war between Israel and America.

Tension between the two countries has slowly built thanks to a huge falling out between Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu and his American counterpart Barack Obama, and as we speak, both country’s respective militaries are preparing —

ObamaNetanyahuOh, wait, what’s that? It was just a verbal dispute?

And what’s else did you say? Everything’s cool now? Oh.

There’s obviously no shortage of examples in history where world leaders hated one another. Just look at any major war, and one of the most fundamental causes of it is an ideological rift between the regimes of both sides.

But there’s not as many examples where world leaders of two countries held “beefs.” As in, they didn’t want to cause actual physical harm on one another, remained united, and instead engaged in a cold shouldered, passive aggressive war of words.

Or in other words, a 2Pac vs. Biggie-type beef. Or Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent. It’s a straight up, old school, east coast vs. west coast rivalry.

While Israel and the U.S. have always maintained a strong relationship, this recent dispute revolves around the countries’ disagreement of how to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Both agree that the country should not be allowed to produce such weapons, but in different ways. Whereas Obama wants to do it diplomatically, Netanyahu favors a more forceful approach of heavy sanctions and/or military intervention.

The debate escalated when Netanyahu accepted an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner to speak about the issue before Congress (which is happening Tuesday), without consulting the White House first. For weeks, the Obama administration2pac Biggie has rebuked the Israeli leader for using this serious issue for political gain — Netanyahu is up for re-election on March 17.

Both leaders spoke today, one at a pro-Israel convention and another in a Reuters interview, and each downplayed the situation. Both adamantly stated that Israel and America’s bond remains as strong as ever.

So, like, what’s going on here?

ISIS is gaining greater influence in the Middle East by the day, anti-government critics are being assassinated in Russia, and Iggy Azalea continues to make music, and yet, leaders of two important territories on the geopolitical spectrum are having a playground spat over something they both agree on?

At least with 2Pac and Biggie, we got some quality rap songs out of it. And with Ja Rule and Nas, we got … uhh … let’s go back to 2Pac and Biggie.

Netanyahu vs. Obama doesn’t quite have that same ring to it.

But I think we can all agree that we are owed a collaborative rap song by the two to make up for their shenanigans.

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