Whenever ‘Uptown Funk’ plays, I change the station. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

I appreciate it when a song that dominates the radio waves and the charts is one that actually has instruments in it.

Bruno Mars has proven that he is an artist that embraces old school methods of showmanship. He’s rarely on stage by himself, usually backed by a full band, all of whom are in sync with the choreography.

He’s a vintage performer through and through, and evidenced it on the biggest stage at last year’s Super Bowl. His latest single, “Uptown Funk” — of which he’s actually credited as a featured artist; guitarist Mark Ronson gets the recording credit — is the latest example that showcases his artistry.

Bruno Mars Uptown FunkLike most of his latest songs, it’s upbeat, fun, funky and easy to dance to.

But like any other song, repetitiveness makes it grow old fast. I feel like we’ve been saying for two years now that Bruno Mars is finally the singer we’ve been waiting for — one who breaks the trend of pop stars producing songs that carry zero musical creativity. Mars, in contrast, makes actual music.

Thus, radio stations have felt compelled to spread that beacon of musical change by playing his music over and over and over.

And listeners, too, have fallen into the trap. Because Bruno Mars is different; because he has soul; because he is channeling Motown; we must like him, and it’s taboo to indicate otherwise.

I like Bruno Mars. But I will still be among the first to say that I am starting to get sick of his music. His last few songs have all started to blend together for me, and if I hear him scream “Don’t believe me? Just watch!” one more time, I’m going to throw an extremely childish and immature hissy fit. I hate to say it, but “Uptown Funk” is an instant station change for me now.

A lot of it is musical taste. Just because you respect a certain type of music doesn’t mean you have to fawn over it it. I personally enjoy more calm, orderly music rather than something that’s full throttle upbeat and dancy throughout.

Or maybe I simply hate brass instruments.

It’s likely just a consequence of constant radio play that’s killed the song for me, however, as radio tends to do.

My favorite Bruno Mars song remains his first breakthrough solo hit: “Just the Way You Are.” It’s a poignant, smooth ballad that’s extremely easy on the ears.

Until he gets back to that, I think I’m going to go on a Bruno Mars sabbatical.

Don’t believe me?

I don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Whenever ‘Uptown Funk’ plays, I change the station. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

  1. Amazing post, man! I totally agree with everything you said.

  2. I agree with most of what you said. I think what turned me off of this song initially was the fact that it was trying SO HARD to be “old school”. It’s way too contrite for it’s own good. Whereas old school has soul, this plastic, new “old school” lacks it completely. His voice to me is the worst aspect of the song itself. It lacks emotion. It lacks depth, and it lacks character. His bland, colorless repetition creates a universal attraction ironically. People, by the masses, are attracted to imposters. Marketing sells and has become a more than ingenious industry. This “old school” type of flavor is just the right blandness, just the right monotone and just the right repetition to attract the masses. People are mostly fickle and easily manipulated – and the media tells them WHAT to like. And they do. This song embraces the notion of “hip” old school – even tho it’s a soulless copycat – but most don’t detect this. It’s just “enough”, but doesn’t cross any lines into being “too funky” or too “unique”. It’s “safe”. People like “safe”. If anything travels too far, either way, the media pans it or doesn’t push it because it’s not”vanilla”. The masses are safe with “vanilla”…and media marketing is only more than happy to tell u this. And boy do we listen.

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