I survived the winter of 2015; Also: Conan in Cuba!

If you’re reading this right now from a climate that is not in the midst of a severe winter, and has enjoyed beautiful weather, then promptly go slam your head into a wall for me. Thanks.

Here in New York, we are at the very tail end of what has been a depressing winter. While the amount of snowfall accumulated in the season is far from historic, it’s been the consistently lower than normal temperatures and fierce wind chill that is driving people crazy. Adding to the dreariness is the perpetual ice that has become a fixture of the landscape for several weeks.

As someone who regularly runs outdoors, I have only been able to do so one time in 2015. One time. If I never see a treadmill again for the rest of my life, I’m OK with it.

delta plane2We forget, though, that icy conditions are not only hazardous for joggers and drivers, but for pilots, too. Early on Thursday, a Delta plane skidded off the runway upon landing at La Guardia Airport, and nearly fell into a bay. Nobody was seriously hurt, but 28 people sustained minor injuries.

One girl on the flight tweeted about it seemingly moments after it landed. Being a guy, the first think I undoubtedly noticed is that she is cute. But the second thing I noticed, if you look at the replies, is how many reporters are hounding her trying to get a scoop. It’s a humorous and transparent view into how social media has completely transformed journalism.

Boston is also having its problems; the city is just just two inches away from its snowiest winter ever.

My freaking snow brush that I keep in my car has been so overused that two weeks ago it snapped in half while I was using it. Enough is enough.

But, then again, by the beginning of March, every winter that’s ending feels like the worst winter ever. Fortunately, spring is right around the corner.

One person who escaped to a warm climate recently was Conan O’Brien. Remember him? He had an enormously popular late night talk show for 16 years, then hosted the Tonight Show for a brief spell, and has basically been shunned into oblivion on TBS ever since.

He’s still funny as hell, though. What die-hard Conan fans will remember is that the man is at his best when he’s out of the studio, interacting with people on the street and playing the fish out of water. It’s easy with his gangling, 6- Conan Cubafoot-4 frame, pale skin, bright red hair and self-deprecating humor.

He brought his schtick to Cuba last month to film a show there, and it aired Wednesday night on TBS.

Of course, it was made possible when President Obama announced in December that the U.S. and Cuba were going to start the process of normalizing relations, and although on a political level there is still a whole lot of logistics to figure out, Conan was able to go there with a team of writers and producers to interact with Cuban people and make fun of himself in a place where a variety show had not been filmed in more than 50 years.

His reception wasn’t quite as warm as when he traveled to Finland 10 years ago. Indeed, none of the Cubans had even heard of him. Nonetheless, the results — which included him getting inebriated on Cuban rum, and learning how to roll a cigar — were pretty hilarious.

Given the weather here lately, I’d quickly go to Cuba, too, if given the chance.

When the choice is between being oppressed and warm, or free and cold, I’ll take Communism any day of the week, baby.

One thought on “I survived the winter of 2015; Also: Conan in Cuba!

  1. OMG, I thought the same thing– I am done with this winter! We survived, woohooo! I, too, miss running outside. Today I renewed my gym membership and I’m glad to have that, at least. How do you deal with not being able to run outside? I would like to but the sidewalks in my ‘hood are terrible.

    I signed up for a run outside though… NYCRUNS is sponsoring it. It’s on March 14… yep, that’s on 3.14! 😉 Roosevelt Island. I’ve run the course before, on a very humid Labor Day last year. Hope it’s not too cold! I’m sorry you’ve only gotten to run outside once this year so far. Running is so therapeutic, for me, I know. It helps me to not feel so much like every day this winter has been my own personal version of “Groundhog Day.”

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