Lily James is my new favorite human

For a day, let’s forget politics, current events and the color of dresses and allow me to expound on a woman who has recently come to my attention.

And of course, nobody truly exists until they are brought to my attention.

Let me begin by saying I actually watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey, and genuinely enjoyed it. I’m intrigued by history, period pieces and English people, so it was right up my abbey. I mean, um, alley.

The Olivier AwardsBut I stopped watching for no particular reason. Had I kept on going, I might have sooner discovered a young actress named Lily James, who joined the cast in season three, which aired in 2012. But I didn’t, and thus, Ms. James escaped me.

After three years on the show, she clearly got other people’s attention, because now she’s set to star in a live action remake of Cinderella, which premieres on Friday, and regardless of whether it’s good or bad, will undoubtedly be a massive moneymaker.

If you uttered the name “Lily James” to me in practically any context, I would have just assumed she is a porn star. And don’t tell me that’s indicative of some type of psychological addiction. It’s the most pornographic name ever and I will defend that.

But then I watched an interview of her with David Letterman on the Late Show on Monday night, and saw that she is the biggest sweetheart ever. She’s remarkably cute, super awkward, and has a laugh that absolutely warms my heart. Even though Letterman is clearly pulling at hairs in order to get through this interview, as someone who becomes nervous and awkward like it’s their job, I could not have found her to be more endearing.

And I instantly wanted to make her my wife.

I don’t want to meet her. I don’t want to date her. I just want to go up to her and tell her that we are married now. Because that’s how it works.

Her career seems to be on the cusp of breaking out, and this leading role in one of the most well known fairy tales of all time could escalate her to stardom, based on how successful the movie is. But if recent fairy tale remakes are any indication — the two Snow White flops starring Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart, respectively; the Hansel and Gretel action flick with Jeremy Renner that no one ever needed to see; and the underwhelming Into the Woods last Christmas — then it’s critical success may not quite match up to its commercial prosperity.

But, either way, Lily James is my new favorite person ever, which, for me, changes every few months.

Stay awkward, Lily. It suits you.


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