Women want to be on the $20 bill? How cute.

There’s a lot of ways to demand equality.

You can campaign legislation, protest, start an organization, or heck, even make a Facebook group. But some advocates have taken a decidedly different approach: They want women to be on money.

Literally on money. WomenOn20s is pushing for a prominent female to replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill.

They say they chose the $20 for a symbolic reason — 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. But let’s be real, they chose Andrew Jackson because he’s by the far the easiest person to replace on the more commonly used bills, compared to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton.

Disagree with their initiative? Well, they could just shove the Trail of Tears in your face.

Andrew Jackson really screwed himself over with that one, didn’t he?

20 bill womenThe group also let voters decide the finalists. Right now it is down to 15 women, featuring the likes of Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.

And then there’s that whole, you know, actually getting somebody in power to listen to them and actually make the change thing.

Honestly, how big of a difference does this really make? Do people even really examine paper money to see who is on them? Everyone knows who is on the $1 and $5, but I guarantee you that at least 50 percent of people could not tell you off the top of their head the two people who are on the $10 and $20. I truly believe that.

Women have come a long way. There’s still room for improvement, sure, but how can any one deny that progress isn’t being made? Women exist in prominent political positions, and we may even have a woman president as soon as next year. Those are the people that could actually bring about tangible change for female equality.

Putting a deceased women on a piece of paper doesn’t achieve anything substantive. And it comes off as a little desperate.

Do people even use bills anymore for reasons other than buying drugs? If you want a symbolic victory, how about striking a deal with Visa to put a woman on a credit card? That way, you’re not even replacing anyone. It’s truly innovative.

You also already have International Women’s Day, which, observed last weekend on March 8, I had never heard of in my life until this year. Just for being born a woman, you have your own international holiday.

And why do the candidates have to be activists? Screw it. Put Taylor Swift on the $20. Heck, put her on the $100.

If that happened, it would singlehandedly motivate me to make more money so that I can have as many Taylor Swift-labeled $100 bills that I can. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

By putting Taylor Swift on money, our economy would blossom.

And if economists thought of this seven years ago, we might have avoided the global recession.

Nice job, dickheads.

One thought on “Women want to be on the $20 bill? How cute.

  1. This is hilarious – and I wholeheartedly support your Visa card idea!

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