Let’s not confuse international tragedy with minor disturbances

In the past two days, we’ve learned the difference between “tragic” and “slightly upsetting.”

Early Tuesday, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps, killing 150 people.

On Wednesday afternoon, Zayn Malik announced he is leaving One Direction.

While some people may overstate their sorrow over the 22-year-old’s sudden departure from the successful five-member boy band, we must remember that in the grand scheme of things, this news is completely and utterly insignificant, and should not ruin any one’s day.

Zayn MalikOne Direction fans are extremely young. They don’t have a grasp on context just yet. It’s not through any fault of their own — it’s merely a byproduct of their youth and the naivety and self-centeredness that comes with it. We’ve all lived it.

It’s not to say that they should not be upset. It sucks when a prominent member leaves your favorite band. When you enjoy a musical group, you form a kindred connection to them and their music, and knowing it’ll never be the same again is a sad feeling.

But if there was ever a more stark reminder of what really matters, it’s what happened the day before. The Airbus A320, traveling from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf, Germany, carried mostly Germans (72) and Spaniards (51). There were three Americans on board.

Sixteen of the Germans were students from the same school who were traveling home.

It’s pretty hard to care about a departing member of boy band, who’s walking away with millions of dollars in the bank, compared to all of that.

It’s just my way of telling 1D fans that it’s going to be OK. Your favorite band may not be the same anymore, but life goes on. Express your disappointment on Facebook and Twitter, and then wake up tomorrow and seize the day. Because that’s what makes you beautiful.

I just linked to a music video with Zayn in it. I’m sorry. Don’t watch it. DON’T WATCH. Oh, you clicked already? And now you’re crying? My bad.

Let’s move on.

Remember when Internet domains were limited to .com and .net? The exception being educational institutions (.edu), official organizations (.org) and government agencies (.gov).

Well that’s changing. your-brand-sucks-porn-hed-2015

In 2011, ICANN, which is actually a nonprofit organization and not a motivational poster, voted to expand the number of domain name endings. There were 22 at that time, and now there’s 547. Beginning June 1, some new ones will be added to the mix, including .porn, .adult., and .sucks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet as we know it is changing.

I first heard this news on my Facebook “top stories” feed while I was at work earlier this week, and was about to Google it to learn more. Then I realized that I’d prefer not to have the words “.porn” in my work computer’s search history.

But now I’m home on my lap top, where .porn is the least of my worries in my search history. But that’s a topic for another day.

Select people and companies, including trademarked brands, got first dibs on these domains. Recognizable companies and people ranging from Microsoft to Taylor Swift jumped on it.

Which is a shame, because something tells me that Taylor Swift is not going to turn taylorswift.porn into a Taylor Swift porn site.

Perhaps I should follow their lead and purchase theweinblog.sucks before the haters do?

Actually, scratch that. Because if you have haters, that’s when you know you’ve made it big.

…please don’t hate me.

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