In an ever increasing world of political correctness, Comedy Central roasts are necessary

As the world becomes more politically correct by the day, somehow, Comedy Central manages to exist outside that sphere.

Because of social media’s ability to take any piece of text and magnify it to the entire world within minutes, we all have to be extra careful. People are losing jobs over one offensive comment. Just ask Justine Sacco.

Anything that can be construed as disrespectful, or ignorant, or racist, will be somewhere. Some blog will do it. And that is what makes today’s Internet so dangerous. Seth Rogen and the cartoonist for the Boston Herald also learned that lesson recently.

All it takes is one step out of line and we’re finished. And it’s only going to get worse.

Bieber roastAnd yet, Comedy Central not only evades this fact of life — it’s managing to stoop lower and lower, without consequence.

Look no further than last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. Everytime I saw a commercial for this the past month, I told myself, “There’s no way I’m going to watch this.”

Come 10 p.m. on Monday night, I watched. And I’m glad I did because I laughed my ass off. I won’t rehash the jokes because they’ll lose their humor through text as opposed to hearing it live with crowd reaction, but I advise you to check it during out one of the 600 times Comedy Central re-airs it this week.

But in short, there were slavery jokes, Holocaust quips, and one-liners making light of 9/11.

Is this not 2015? Where’s the outcry?! Where’s all the politically correct groups storming Comedy Central’s headquarters with pitchforks?

The best part about the debauchery is that it is not only accepted, but it’s expected. I don’t mean to say that people love racism, or that they’re champing at the bit to hear a good Holocaust gag, but, these are jokes that you just don’t hear anymore. And thus, they’re desirable in the right context.

If it’s tweeted, then you shake your head and say, “How ignorant.”

If your friend says it aloud in public, maybe you laugh, but you stop quickly, look around to make sure no one heard, and say, “Dude.”

But in a Comedy Central Roast, it’s OK to laugh. No one’s judging. The raunchier the better.

The world needs that. Because first of all, everything is fair game. Black jokes. White jokes. All ethnicities and cultures. So it’s not exactly one group being singled out.

But it also reminds us that words are just words. Yes, they can be hurtful, but, if it’s in a comedic setting where people are hoping to be entertained, then what’s the harm?

Interestingly, the one subject matter that was edited out by Comedy Central was jokes about the recently deceased Paul Walker.

With all due respect, when did Paul Walker become James Dean? Or no respect. Is this not the point?

Perhaps what made last night’s roast so awesome is that it was two straight hours of people mocking Justin Bieber.

I’ll give the kid credit, though. He’s reached the point in his life where he realizes he probably needs to stop acting like an ass.

I’ve still yet to get there.

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