Netflix is just showing off at this point

Remember when Netflix produced House of Cards, and people doubted that it would succeed?

There was something inherently unnatural about an entire television series being able to be watched all at once. While it’s certainly true that DVR has allowed people to watch programs on their own schedule, there’s still always been that week-to-week anticipation that’s become an accepted, even welcome, part of the experience.

But I think even greater than the large scale skepticism, people just flat out didn’t want it to succeed, and therefore become the new norm.

Television is something everybody holds sacred. Its quality has also increased so much in recent years that there is something for everyone. Quite simply, it’s the golden age of TV.

So by taking us out of that weekly mode, it threw us out of our comfort zone. It didn’t feel right.

Full HouseYears later, people don’t even remember that there was once a time when binge watching wasn’t an option. Netflix has continued to kill it: House of Cards is as popular as ever, Orange is the New Black has a loyal fan base, it revived Arrested Development, recently struck a deal with Marvel, and is also developing a live-action Zelda series. 

It’s already proven its point. Video streaming is taking over. What else do they need to do?

Oh. Bring back Full House.

Twenty years after the family friendly sitcom went off the air, Netflix is reportedly on the verge of bringing it back. The plan is for it to star Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber, as DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibler, respectively, with Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier — Danny, Jesse and Joey — making guest appearances.

This is a classic case of the nostalgic part of my brain battling with the sensible part.

The childhood part of me is euphoric, but logic dictates that this will have very little resemblance to the Full House we knew and loved. The characters are 20 years older, the world has changed drastically and the American sitcom died about 10 years ago.

Remember when people were excited about the Boy Meets World spinoff? Well, when is the last time you even thought about that show?

And after everything Bob Saget has done since the show ended, how can anyone ever take him seriously again as an authority on morality?

So needless to say, I don’t really have any expectations for this. But the main point here is that Netflix can pretty much do whatever it wants. If it can reboot a show from two decades ago, it can probably also make its own real life Truman Show. It could probably make its own Downtown Abbey spinoff with black people.

Soon enough, Netflix will be the real world. And reality will be the TV show.

Hey, whatever helps detract from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I’m all for.

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