If you want to experience movie magic … go see the Little Prince this summer

Never before have I felt more confident staking my reputation on the success of one movie. But I will do exactly that for the Little Prince, which comes out in late July.

And for me, it’s personal. Because I am, in fact, a miniature prince.

Wait, what. No. That’s not the reason. I first read the Little Prince, a novella, when I was a senior in high school. Now you may be saying, why would you read a children’s picture book in high school?

The Little PrinceYes, it is indeed short, and does have pictures, but it’s a young adult book that touches on themes of childhood, the loss of innocence, and of living a fulfilling life. It’s an awfully deep book, which one might not expect simply by looking at it.

The story is not a biopic about Prince William’s infancy. Rather, it’s about a young boy who goes by the Little Prince who flies by plane to different planets and meets various people and creatures. It was written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943, who died a year later when his plane disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea during World War II.

But I remember reading the book, processing the depth and vividness in every page, and thinking, “This would make for an amazing animated movie.”

It has all of the elements that appeal to the masses: adventure; concise, thoughtful dialogue; imaginative, rich worlds; and interesting characters. It’s a simple tale with meaningful themes, which means it suits both children and adults. And most importantly of all, since it’s a short story with pictures, there’s an entire story board already set up to translate it to film.

In my head, I may have subconsciously hoped that, 10 years later, I would become famous and be the one to do it. But instead, somebody else is making it, I’m sitting in my pajamas typing in my blog about it, and that’s good enough for me to take all of the credit. I also expect royalties.

It’s directed by the guy who made Kung Fu Panda, and scored by the legendary Hans Zimmer. It has all the ingredients for a masterpiece. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Disney or Pixar that stepped up to the plate, even though it is computer animated.

Today, the second International trailer was released, and it was as magical as one might expect it to be.

I know that trailers are meticulously designed to manipulate viewers’ emotions using short clips, quotes and musical arrangements that normally don’t really convey much of what’s actually happening in the film, but, that being said, all the emotion this trailer evokes — that is what you will feel when you see this movie.

The Little Prince is going to be the surprise hit of 2015, and you heard it here first.

It would be pretty cool to be a miniature prince, though. I’d be like a real life Tyrion Lannister. Minus all the sex he has.

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