If only everybody acted all of the time like they do when they see a rainbow

There are few things that evoke greater happiness in this world than the sight of a rainbow.

Even if it’s just momentary. I challenge any one in this world to look at a rainbow, and not feel the slightest improvement in their mood. It’s enough to make even the biggest sociopath’s lip curl a fraction of an inch in the direction of a smile. Robert Durst would even break into a song and dance number at the sight of one.

What’s not to like about rainbows? Their colorful, majestic, spontaneous and signify the end of a rainstorm while promising sunnier skies. They immediately bring up images in our minds of unicorns, leprechauns, pots of gold, green meadows and the show Reading Rainbow.

Whenever any one is asked to draw the ultimate peaceful environment on a piece of paper, nine out of ten times that drawing will include a rainbow.

Quadruple rainbowI’m not saying that the sight of rainbows is enough to make somebody happy for an entire day. It’s not like an 8 a.m. glimpse of one is suddenly going to put you on cloud nine well into the evening. But it’s enough to lift your spirits for a moment, because they’re so just so darn pretty.

And in the course of a day, that’s enough. It’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Radiohead clearly had that in mind when they named their seven studio album In Rainbows. People also love the video game Rainbow Six.

Seriously, what’s better than rainbows?

Allow me to answer that myself. How about… A QUADRUPLE RAINBOW.

A quadruple rainbow is probably one of those things people imagine is possible, but never actually expect it to happen. Like a Chicago Cubs World Series. Or a threesome.

Except it did happen, on Long Island, on Tuesday morning. And people who were lucky enough to witness it posted all about it on social media. Which is fine. I mean, if Instagram exists for anything, it’s this. If I see another homemade dinner picture, or a blurry snapshot of the top of the Empire State Building, I’ll throw my phone. But a quadruple rainbow is something I actually want to see.

Imagine if a quadruple rainbow hovered in the air all of the time? ISIS would drop their guns. Smog would suddenly clear from Chinese skies. Republicans and Democrats would work together and basically every moment in life would equal the feeling you have when you first bite into a Devil Dog.

If only we could all harness that positivity and exude it for every moment of the day.

Unfortunately, it’ll only last as long as the next time I log onto Instagram and see a closeup of the unappealing deep dish pizza one of my friends made for dinner that night.

Alas, The Day of Four Rainbows is no more.

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