Wednesday night showed why we will miss Jon Stewart

The Daily Show has become such a fixture in American culture that we take it for granted. It’s like the air we breathe, or the gravity that keeps us grounded. We’re happy it’s there, but we have no clue what we would do without it.

Actually, yeah I do. We’d die. And while the departure of the Daily Show will not kill us, it will definitely leave a gaping hole in American lore.

Jon Stewart has what others lack in this increasingly politically correct, buddy-buddy world of broadcast journalism — audacity, courage, fearlessness.

He’s not afraid to take someone to task if the situation calls for it. And we need that. The average American does not care about things that matter. Not at all. That indifference allows political pundits to run rampant on major news stations unchecked.

Judith-Miller-and-Jon-StewartSomebody needs to look out for us. And that man is Jon Stewart. He’s been doing it for 18 years.

Stewart is hanging it up in August. And with just three months of shows left, it’s led some to believe that maybe he’s mailing it in, already looking ahead to his retirement.

After Wednesday night, I don’t think anybody will be saying that anymore.

His guest was Judith Miller, the disgraced former New York Times columnist who reported several stories in the early 2000s about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, helping fuel a narrative that essentially led to the Iraq War. The New York Times later said that many of the “facts” Miller reported turned out to be untrue.

At the beginning of the interview, Stewart opened by saying, “I believe that you helped the administration take us to the most devastating mistake in foreign policy that we’ve made in, like, 100 years … but you seem lovely.”

After continuing to grill her for 15 minutes, Miller did nothing but make excuses for her reporting. By its end, Stewart was clearly upset and pained, lamenting how nobody is willing accept responsibility for a war that never needed to happen.

You don’t see this anywhere else.

I hope people appreciate him while’s he’s still here. Because our country is losing a true hero.

But don’t worry, I’ll stick around for you guys.

Man, the drop-off from Jon Stewart to me is even worse than the drop-off from Bob Barker to Drew Carey on The Price is Right.

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