Let’s throw all of the Republican candidates into a Hunger Games arena

Every day it seems, another Republican candidate throws their name into the 2016 presidential mix.

But today it was no slouch. Jeb Bush, the son and brother of former presidents who aren’t really remembered too fondly by the general public, declared his bid for the White House.

He insists he doesn’t deserve any special treatment despite his presidential family tree, but let’s face it, he’s already a top candidate by virtue of his name. People may have varying opinions of him because of his family, but it also gives him instant credibility.

So now with about a dozen candidates in the fold, and likely a few more yet to come, what’s next?

Do we really have to sit through an exhausting political debate, listening to all of them spew promises and political rhetoric?

Let’s come up with a more entertaining and inventive way to narrow down the field. And there’s really only one logical solution.

Hunger Games.

Think about it. The strategy involved to triumph in the Hunger Games competition is not that much different than winning a political primary. You need to forge alliances, but also be willing to betray them at the drop of a hat.

You need to earn public favor in order to gain more sponsors.

And most importantly, you need to do or say whatever it takes to win.

I could have been describing the Hunger Games books to a toddler, or explaining the dynamics of a political campaign to a pre-law student, and you wouldn’t even know the difference.

Never before would more Americans be interested in politics if this happened. And isn’t that the entire purpose of a Democracy? To make sure everybody participates? If that’s the goal, then this is clearly the way to go.

I know it’s a little harsh. If you don’t win inside the arena, then you die. But is anybody going to really weep over a few less politicians in the world? There’s already too many.

Also, this would help weed out the candidates who have no business running for president. It should not be easy to run for president. You shouldn’t be able to publicly declare — or Tweet — “I’m running for president,” and then, suddenly, you are. It should take a lot more.

If you really, really, want to run this country, then you will risk your life for it. Isn’t that how our nation began 230 years ago, anyway? People dying for what they believed was right?

Dr. Ben Carson would not even think about participating in the Hunger Games. No chance. And then we’d be saved from his idiocy. Already, there’s an immediate benefit.

To be fair, we can have the Democrats do it too. I’m pretty sure nobody would say no to a Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders fight to the death.

Now, Republican candidates … do you really want to be president?

Then let’s see you volunteer as tribute. 

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